Quotes from Charles Bronson movies and TV shows

Leo Kessler: You go in that courtroom and forget what's legal and do what's right.

Leo Kessler: I remember when legal meant lawful. Now it means loophole.

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Paul Kersey: My friend Wildey's coming.

Paul Kersey: It's like killing roaches - you have to kill 'em all. Otherwise, what's the use?

Bennett: What's the car for?
Paul Kersey: Bait.

Bennett: We heard shots. What happened?
Paul Kersey: I sent them a message.

Paul Kersey: I'm going out for some ice cream... this is America, isn't it?

Paul Kersey: A.475 Wildey magnum is a shorter version of the African big game cartridge. It makes a real mess.

Doctor at hospital: Mrs. Rodriguez has expired.
Paul Kersey: But you told me over the phone she only had a broken arm?

Bennett: They call him "The Giggler."
Paul Kersey: Jesus, he really moves.

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Paul Kersey: I was just using the... toilet?

Rapist: Who the fuck are you?
Paul Kersey: Death.

Paul Kersey: Not great, but pretty damn good.

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Tony Hoyle: Let the law take these guys down. You know, sometimes the law works.
Paul Kersey: And sometimes it doesn't! These people, they steal, they murder, they destroy people's lives and they get away with it! They have alibis, money, lawyers, power. They have everything.

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Danny: Oh, Hendley. I need a pick. Big, heavy one.
Hendley: Only one?
Danny: Two would be better.

Sedgwick: Danny, do you speak Russian?
Danny: A little, but only one sentence.
Sedgwick: Well, let me have it, mate.
Danny: Ia vas liubliu.
Sedgwick: Ia vas...
Danny: Liubliu.
Sedgwick: Liubliu? Ia vas liubliu. Ia vas liubliu. What's it mean?
Danny: I love you.
Sedgwick: I love you? What bloody good is that?
Danny: I don't know. I wasn't going to use it myself.

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Steve McKenna: You do this for money?
Arthur Bishop: Money is paid, but that's not the motive. It has to do with standing outside of it all, on your own.

Arthur Bishop: Murder is only killing without a license.

Arthur Bishop: You always have to be dead sure. Dead sure or dead.

Arthur Bishop: That was pretty cold.
Steve McKenna: I knew she wouldn't do it.
Arthur Bishop: But, had she done that, would be willing to pick up the tab?

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