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Connor MacLeod: What is it?
Sunda Kastagir: Boom-boom. A big strong man like you shouldn't be afraid of a little boom-boom. Or maybe you think I'm trying to poison you.
Connor MacLeod: I think you're crazy, Kastagir.

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Juan Ramirez: You've remembered almost everything I taught you.
Conner MacLeod: I've had a lot of practice lately.
Juan Ramirez: There is no substitute for experience.
Conner MacLeod: What experience? You've been dead for five hundred years.

Katana: The remains of your mortal wife. So frail. So earthy. So very dead.
Conner MacLeod: At least she's at peace.
Katana: Peace is highly overrated.
Conner MacLeod: Things don't change, Katana, I like that. After all these years, you're still a jerk.

Corda: Time to say goodbye, Highlander.
Conner MacLeod: Why? You going somewhere?

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Connor MacLeod: Where is Kane?
Warrior #1: Don't worry about him. Worry about me.

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Connor MacLeod: Life brings hope and pain, but revenge never brings redemption.

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Liu Kang: I guess you knew it would end this way.
Lord Rayden: Didn't have a clue.

Lord Rayden: You're a coward, Sorcerer! Stand and fight.

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Salvatore Giuliano: You're an American, aren't you?
Camilla, Duchess of Crotone: Yes, and like every other Sicilian you want to go to America and start a pizzaria in Jersey.

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