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Mike Rogo: I think what I don't like about you, Scott, is your attitude. Or does it go deeper than that?
Reverend Frank Scott: Maybe we're two of a kind, Mr. Rogo. You don't like looking at yourself.

Mike Rogo: What do we do, goddamit? What do we do?
Linda Rogo: Pull him back! Pull him back.

Mike Rogo: Ya had a lotta guts, lady... a lotta guts.

Linda Rogo: Jesus Christ! What happened?
Reverend Frank Scott: We've turned over.

Linda Rogo: Shut up! Shut up! C'mon get up this goddamned ramp.
James Martin: Nobody can be as composed as you are Mrs Rogo.

Linda Rogo: Just shoot me Mike. For Christ's sake just shoot me.

Reverend Frank Scott: I said I was gonna get everybody out of here and goddamit I'm gonna do it.
Linda Rogo: Well, what do you want us to do?

Linda Rogo: Come here, you lousy cop.

Linda Rogo: I'm going next. So if ole' fat ass gets stuck, I won't get stuck behind her.

Linda Rogo: So that's the cat this ship is named after, huh?
Captain Harrison: That's right, Mrs Rogo. The Greek God Poseidon. God of storms, tempests, earthquakes and other miscellaneous natural disasters. Quite an ill-tempered fellow.

Linda Rogo: Oh my God. Who's not dying.

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Ragnar: Look how he glares at me... If he wasn't fathered by the black ram in the full of the moon my name is not Ragnar.

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Dutch Engstrom: They'll be waitin' for us.
Pike Bishop: I wouldn't have it any other way.

Pike Bishop: I'd like to make one good score and back off.
Dutch Engstrom: Back off to what?

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