Quotes from Tom Wilkinson movies and TV shows

Doctor Monro: And your new students, are they enjoying your lectures?
Doctor Robert Knox: Er, not as much as I understand they're enjoying your wife, sir.

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Stephan Gold: Truth is a luxury, Rachel.

Stephan Gold: I thought I'd been punished already.
Rachel Singer: God doesn't plant car bombs.

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Father Moore: Demons exist whether you believe in them or not.

Father Moore: It scared the hell out of me.

Father Moore: Once you've looked into the darkness, I think you carry it with you for the rest of your life.

Father Moore: I now command you! Give me your name, demon.
Emily Rose: Names! Names!.
Emily Rose: One, two, three, four, five, six.
Father Moore: Ancient serpents, depart from this servant of God! Tell me your six names.
Emily Rose: We are the ones who dwell within.

Father Moore: There are forces surrounding this trial... dark, powerful forces.

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Gaz: Y' know Dave, it's a thought.
Gerald: Ha! I could just see Little and Large prancing around Sheffield with their widges hanging out. Now that would be worth 10 quid.
Gaz: Don't be so bloody daft. We were just saying.
Gerald: Widges on parade! Bring your own microscope.

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Van Ruijven: Griet, come here. What were you doing today? I missed you. We both did. I hear you've been of great use to your master, pretty Griet. All that grinding and stirring, eh? Master and maid. Its a tune we all know. And you can practice together, now.

Van Ruijven: You have very wide eyes.

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Arthur Edens: I just need to make my thoughts a little bit more precise. That's, that's my goal.
Michael Clayton: As good as this feels, you know where it goes.
Arthur Edens: No. No, no, you're wrong. What makes this feel good is that I don't know where it goes.

Michael Clayton: You are the senior litigating partner of one of the largest, most respected law firms in the world. You are a legend.
Arthur Edens: I'm an accomplice.
Michael Clayton: You're a manic-depressive.
Arthur Edens: I am Shiva, the god of death.

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Lenny Cole: He tried to poison me, that dirty Cossack!

Lenny Cole: There's no school like old school, and I'm the fucking headmaster.

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