Quotes from Marsha Mason movies and TV shows

Maggie Paul: Why is it everybody else gets chicken and I always get the feathers?

John Baggs Jr.: We love each other.
Maggie Paul: Love is shit with sugar on it.

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Paula McFadden: I thought you said you were decent.
Elliot Garfield: I am decent. I also happen to be naked.

Lucy McFadden: How long is he going to stay?
Paula McFadden: As long as he lets us.

Paula McFadden: Be tactful.
Lucy McFadden: What's that?
Paula McFadden: Lie.

Elliott Garfield: I happen to have a lease in my pocket. Are you gonna honor it or what?
Paula McFadden: I have a daughter in my bedroom. That tops the lease in your pocket.

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