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Sgt. L.C. Ross: Everybody up! Everybody, Benjamin.
Judy Benjamin: Oh God, you can't mean me. I worked the night shift! Go check out the bathroom, it's fabulous.

Judy Benjamin: Henri, you are a shmuck.

Judy Benjamin: To be truthful with you, I can't sleep in a room with 20 strangers.
Capt. Doreen Lewis: Oh dear.
Judy Benjamin: And I mean look at this place. The army couldn't afford drapes? I'll be up at the crack of dawn here.

Judy Benjamin: Has anybody ever died from basic?

Judy Benjamin: My husband had a heart attack and died on our wedding night, while we were making love.
Pvt. Mary Lou Glass: Jesus! Benjamin! I don't get it, what do you do after a thing like that?
Judy Benjamin: Join the Army.

Judy Benjamin: Don't bad French artists have telephones?

Judy Benjamin: I think they sent me to the wrong place.
Capt. Doreen Lewis: Uh-huh.
Judy Benjamin: See, I did join the army, but I joined a different army. I joined the one with the condos and the private rooms.

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George Roundy: Jill, I'm trying to get things moving.
Jill: Oh, grow up! You never stop moving! You never go anywhere! Grow up! Grow up - grow up.

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Marvel: Fuck you.
Molly McGrath: Fuck you what?
Marvel: Fuck you... Coach McGrath.
Molly McGrath: Better.

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