Quotes from Jurgen Prochnow movies and TV shows

Sutter Cane: I think, therefore you are.

Sutter Cane: Did I ever tell you my favorite color was blue?

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Captain Klaus Woermann: Are you insane?
Captain Klaus Woermann: SS-Einsatzkommondo, Sturmbannfuhrer Kaempffer is what I am! Captain Klaus Woermann is what you are.

Captain Klaus Woermann: What's all the shooting in the village, huh?
Major Kaempffer: A civilian to be interrogated. He resisted, and was shot.
Captain Klaus Woermann: Another civilian! The courageous Einsatzkommondo again is victorious.

Alexandru: Never touch the crosses! Never.
Captain Klaus Woermann: And why not?
Alexandru: You must not stay here.

Captain Klaus Woermann: Who built the Keep?
Alexandru: Some say Turks. Some say the warlords of ancient Wallachia.
Captain Klaus Woermann: No, no, this is not a fortress. A soldier could walk up the outside wall. Why are the small stones on the outside and the large stones here in the interior? It's constructed... backwards. This place was not designed to keep something... out. What is this pleace?
Alexandru: Who knows for sure.

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