Robert Englund

Quotes from Robert Englund movies and TV shows

Rufus: Now. Daddy. Daddy, don't mind Lester none. I got full confidence in him.
Mayor Buckman: Son, one time I had full confidence in a fart. Shit all over myself.

Mayor Buckman: Got any last requests, boy?
Malcolm: Yeah. Kiss my black ass.

Mayor Buckman: This ain't my first barbeque, son! And it surely won't be my last.

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Freddy Krueger: Man the torpedoes.

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Freddy Krueger: Johnny. Up here.

Freddy Krueger: Kung fu this, bitch.
Tracy: This is my dream, and I do what I want.
Freddy Krueger: Might be your dream, but it's my rules.

Freddy Krueger: Hey! You forgot the power glove.

Freddy Krueger: No screaming while the bus is in motion.

Freddy Krueger: Sticks and stone may break my bones, but nothing will ever kill me.

Freddy Krueger: Every town has an Elm Street.

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Freddy Krueger: Joey... look. All the little piggies come home.
Nancy Thompson: Let him go, Krueger.
Freddy Krueger: Your wish... is my command.

Freddy Krueger: You're mine now, piggy.

Freddy Krueger: What a rush.

Freddy Krueger: Will, you look tired. Have a seat.
Will Stanton: No thanks. I'm fine just the way I am.
Freddy Krueger: For now, maybe... but when you wake up... It's back... in the saddle... again.

Freddy Krueger: Welcome to prime time, bitch! [Pulls girl's head into the TV.]

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Freddy Krueger: Sayonara, Rick-san.

Freddy Krueger: How's this for a wet dream?

Freddy Krueger: You flunk.

Freddy Krueger: Alice, come to daddy.

Freddy Krueger: You shouldn't have buried me. I'm not dead.

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