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Elise Sellas: You're that guy running for Senate, aren't you?
David Norris: I am that guy... Yeah. Are you a registered New York voter?
Elise Sellas: Do I sound like I am?

Elise Sellas: Were you just looking at my legs while I slept?
David Norris: I was helpless against the dress.
Elise Sellas: It's a skirt.
David Norris: It's a belt!

Elise Sellas: I'm not some hopeless romantic. I would never allow myself to be that way...
Elise Sellas: ...you ruined me. I didn't want to settle for less.
David Norris: I know the feeling.
Elise Sellas: It scares the shit out of me.
David Norris: I'm not going to hurt you.
Elise Sellas: You don't have to say that.
David Norris: I'm not going to hurt you.

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Emily: I don't care if she was going to fire you or beat you with a red hot poker, you should've said no.

Emily: I'm sorry, do you have some prior commitment? Some hideous skirt convention you have to go to?

Emily: This is her, the new me.
Serena: I thought you were kidding.

Emily: Andrea, Runway is a fashion magazine, so an interest in fashion is crucial.
Andy Sachs: What makes you think I'm not interested in fashion?

Emily: You don't deserve them, I mean you eat carbs, for Chrissake.

Emily: A million girls would kill for this job.

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Violet Barnes: Where are you going?
Doug: Uh... On my way to University of North Dakota.
Violet Barnes: Oh! Well, that's good.
Doug: Yeah. No, no, it's great. I'm excited. I'ma be a pioneer. I'll be the first black guy to freeze to death. It's gonna be cool. Yeah, I'm pumped up about it.
Violet Barnes: Cool.
Doug: Yeah. It's just like that song, y'know. I get knocked down, except I get up again in North Dakota, which is the worst place on Earth.

Violet Barnes: What is your crossbow doing on the kitchen table?
Tom Solomon: A crossbow doesn't clean itself, you know.

Violet Barnes: He kissed me, Tom!
Tom Solomon: OK, you know what? That is a cop out. That is not fair. Yes, he may have been the one who kissed you. But there is a reason that he felt like that was an option. You know that's the truth.

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Rachel: Um... I'm here because I... because I... because I woke up, um, covered in blood. And I had bruises all over my arm, um... It's usually from when I've fallen and someone's helped me up. My husband... he used to tell me what I'd done the night before. And I learned when you wake up like that, you just say you're sorry. You just say you're sorry for what you did, and you're sorry for who you are, and you're never gonna do it again. But you do. You do it again.

Rachel: HEY! HEY! you whore.

Rachel: I need to remember.

Rachel: He posted another picture of the baby. It was a cute picture.
Cathy: Yeah?
Rachel: Yup.
Cathy: Facebook and drunk ex-wives do not make good friends.

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Ravenna: Why bother? You always win.
Queen Freya: You let me win.
Ravenna: You are my weakness.

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Anabel Banks: Everything is possible.
Mary Poppins: Even the impossible.

Jane Banks: What brings you here after all this time?
Mary Poppins: Same thing that brought me the first time: I have come to look after the Banks children.
Anabel Banks: Us?
Mary Poppins: Oh yes, you, too.

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Princess Celestia: "Tempest" is it? How may we help you?
Tempest Shadow: Oh, I'm so glad you asked. How about we start with your complete and total surrender?

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