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Maria Altmann: My sister finally moves in with me. The problem is, she finally decides to do it when she's dead.

Randol Schoenberg: It's hard to believe Hitler once applied to be an art student here.
Maria Altmann: I wish they'd have accepted him.

Maria Altmann: Restitution-the return of something to its original state... At the very least, we should be reunited with what is rightfully ours.
Woman in Crowd: I would like to return to my original state.

Maria Altmann: A week ago you weren't even interested and now you're all over me like a rash. What happened?
Randol Schoenberg: Well, against my better judgment, I think I like you.

Maria Altmann: We didn't come here to eat cake.

Maria Altmann: We did everything we could and that's what matters. The past is the past and now we must let it go.

Gustav Bloch-Bauer: And now... as you go... I ask you only one thing... my liebling.
Young Maria Altmann: What is it, papa?
Gustav Bloch-Bauer: Remember us.

Randol Schoenberg: It's almost press time, how do I look?
Maria Altmann: Sexy and victorious.
Randol Schoenberg: Oh yeah?
Maria Altmann: How do I look?
Randol Schoenberg: You look sexy - and victorious.

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