Josh Lucas

Quotes from Josh Lucas movies and TV shows

Coach Don Haskins: You'll play basketball my way. My way is hard.

Coach Don Haskins: We do not back down here, ever.

Coach Don Haskins: Hey, hey, Winnaker, Winnaker, do you want me to get you a skirt? I'll get you a skirt if you keep playing like a girl.

Willie 'Scoops' Cager: They're trying to take our dignity away from us.
Coach Don Haskins: Your dignity's inside you. Nobody can take something away from you you don't give them.

Coach Don Haskins: Jason, Don Haskins, Texas Western.
Stevens: Western Union?
Coach Don Haskins: Texas Western down in El Paso. Hey, after the game, when you get a minute I'd like to talk to you about playing for me.
Stevens: Play for you at Texas Western? Thanks, Coach, but I'm partial to winning.

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Talbot: You know, consciously, you may control it, but subconsciously, I bet that's another story.

Talbot: Bingo! That must be some jumbo nightmare he just had.

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Sam: If my wife and I fought like that... we'd still be married.

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Dylan Johns: Does your husband.
Maggie James: Oh, does that work much?
Dylan Johns: What?
Maggie James: The tentative mention of a husband I'm supposed to correct, even though you clocked my wedding finger twice already.

Dylan Johns: Happiest time of my life is when I was broke.

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