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Quotes from Gena Rowlands movies and TV shows

Ramona Calvert: Mothers always love their daughters, even if they show it poorly.

Ramona Calvert: Hey, I am still your mama, Missy. You move it.

Ramona Calvert: Look at me. My life has no meaning or direction, and I'm happy.

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Jerry Bondi: Jack, I'm going to tell you something. The world that you and Paul live in doesn't exist. Maybe it never did... out there in the real world. And it's got real borders and real fences, real laws and real trouble. And you either go by the rules or you lose. You lose everything.
Jack Burns: You can always keep something.

Jerry Bondi: Jack I'm gonna tell you something. The world that you and Paul live in doesn't exist, maybe it never did. Out there is a real world and it's got real border and real fences, real laws and real trouble. And either you go by the rules or you lose.

Jerry Bondi: Jack, what are you going to do?
Jack Burns: Well, about every six months, I figure I owe myself a good drunk. It rinses your insides out, sweetens your breath and tones up your skin.

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Ivy: Somebody has to teach this beautiful bird some manners. Might as well be me.
Paulie: What's wrong with my manners?

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Violet Devereaux: Child, I believe you broke my legs.

Violet Devereaux: I bet they don't have gardens like this is New Jersey.
Caroline Ellis: Actually, it's "The Garden State."
Violet Devereaux: I very much doubt that.

Violet Devereaux: You think I'm senile, don't you?
Caroline Ellis: I just don't understand. Why would the ghosts put a spell on Ben and not me? I've been in that room too.
Violet Devereaux: Maybe because you don't believe them.

Caroline Ellis: I'm going into town for a while. Shopping.
Violet Devereaux: For what, Caroline? Caroline! For what?
Caroline Ellis:'ll just have to see.

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Georgia King: What on earth was he thinking of?
Emma Rae: Prob'ly the same thing he was thinkin' with.

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