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Naturelle Riviera: One minute ago, you were my friend. Are you drunk? Tell me you've been drinking too much. You're fucking drunk.
Frank Slaughtery: I'm Irish. I can't get drunk, all right? I know exactly what I'm saying.

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Pluto Nash: You married twins?
Tony Francis: No, I met the perfect woman, so I had her cloned.
Dina Lake: Which one is which?
Tony Francis: Who cares?

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Dante: I love you, Becky.
Becky: I'm pregnant, Dante.

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Jasper: Why's she dressed like that?
Abernathy: Well, you see, we're making a Hollywood movie in town, and it's a cheerleading movie and she's one of the cheerleaders.
Jasper: What's a cheerleader movie?
Abernathy: A movie about cheerleaders.
Jasper: Is it a porno movie?
Abernathy: Yes, it is, but don't mention it. She's shy.

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Zoe Perez: You don't have a choice. Look. Now, neither of us know if either of those brothers are guilty or innocent, so on behalf of the Secretary of the Air Force, I'm going into that room.
Agent Thomas Morgan: Well, on behalf of all that fucking bomb equipment in junior pinhead's apartment, no, you're not.

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Jeremy Coleman: I need you to trust me. Do everything that I ask and I promise we'll survive this. Do you trust me?
Talia Durham: Yes.

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Kim: Oh you know I can't let you go.
Abernathy: Kim?
Kim: Not without tappin' that ass.
Zoe Bell: Umm Kim?
Kim: One... More... time.

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Mimi: They say that I have the best ass below 14th street. Is it true?

Mimi: We hit it off immediately. The first time I saw her, a skin-head was getting on her nerves. She walked right up to him and said, "I'm more of a man than you will ever be, and I'm more of a woman than you will ever get."

Mimi: You're sweet, wanna hit the streets? Wanna wail at the moon like a cat in heat? Just take me out tonight!

Mimi: The pain will ease if I can learn.

Mimi Marquez: He was the same way, he was always "run away, hit the road, don't commit" you're full of shit!

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Marv: I need a pair of handcuffs.
Gail: What style you want? I got a collection.

Dwight: This clown's out of control. I followed him here to make sure he didn't hurt any of the girls.
Gail: Us helpless little girls.

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Andre Allen: I am telling you, everything means something.
Chelsea Brown: No everything does not mean something. Okay, sometimes a movie is just a movie. Sometimes a song is just a song. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. Remember those, jokes?

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Elizabeth: What We Are is the sum of everything we've ever said, done, felt.
Elizabeth: The choice is yours. Do you want to remember or do you want to forget?

Elizabeth: The memory is not destroyed, it is locked in a cage, and with enough force, enough violence, the lock can be broken. It comes back, the memory, not completely, not entirely, but enough to drive you, to make you feel you have been cheated, enough to make you angry. What did she look like?

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