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Bo Duke: Luke, you manwhore!

Campus Cop: Do you know how fast you were going?
Bo Duke: 10?
Campus Cop: 8.
Bo Duke: Isn't the speed limit 10?
Campus Cop: Yeah. It is.

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Eva: I did it. I broke up with him.
Doug Glatt: Holy shit.
Eva: I don't even know what the fuck I'm.
Doug Glatt: Hey, come on. From what I saw from him he seemed like a really nice guy.
Eva: I'm just not in love with him.
Doug Glatt: You're not?
Eva: No. You. You make me want to stop sleeping with a bunch of guys.
Doug Glatt: That's the nicest thing anybody's ever said to me.

Doug Glatt: I'm stupid, he's gay... we're stupidgay.

Doug Glatt: I think we both have a light in our stomachs. A special light. Like ET. And the team needs somebody to light the way. My stomach light needs your stomach light. We can all phone home together.

Ross Rhea: Don't go trying to be a hockey player.
Doug Glatt: But I am a hockey player, sir.
Ross Rhea: You're a fucking goon.

Doug Glatt: I'm here to do whatever they need me to do. You know, if they need me to bleed, then I'll bleed for my team.

Oldfield: Hey Glatt, you little fuckin' dick weed. You try any of that shit you did against Hamilton on me, I'll light your fuckin' ass up.
Doug Glatt: Hey! I'll light your ass... back up... on fire.

Eva: You make me wanna stop sleeping with a bunch of guys.
Doug Glatt: That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

Doug Glatt: Hey! What the hell?
Ryan: Recognize.
Doug Glatt: Of course I recognize you.
Ryan: You recognize this big fuckin' beautiful family of yours?
Doug Glatt: Oh my god, this is amazing, I'm so happy.
Ronnie Hortense: Glatt! What the fuck are you doing mother fucker? Start skating, chase some ice.

Doug Glatt: Where is LaFlamme?
Gord Ogilvey: Probably giving some single mother herpes out in the parking lot.

Rollie Hortense: It's just too bad those are your teammates that you fucked up out there.
Doug Glatt: Oh, I'm sorry sir.
Rollie Hortense: Of course, on the bright side, those are your teammates that you fucked up out there. What do you say son, you wanna be an Assassin?
Doug Glatt: Yes, yes.
Rollie Hortense: What number you wanna wear?
Ryan: 69! Take the number 69, It's hilarious.
Doug Glatt: Is that number taken?

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John Farley: You have a father?
Mr. Woodcock: Of course I have a father, Farley, I'm not Jesus.

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Schoolboy: Hey nice cow outfit. Where can I pick one of those up at, the gay zoo? Homo.
Danny: No, no. It's not a cow. It's a a minotaur. It's a creature of myth. And he got this one out of your mom's closet.
Wheeler: She let me keep it after I fucked her.

Wheeler: What up, Ronnie?
Ronnie: I don't wanna take my pants off!
Wheeler: What?

Ronnie: Suck it, "Reindeer Games"!
Danny: I'm not Ben Affleck.
Ronnie: You white, then you Ben Affleck.
Wheeler: You *are* white.
Danny: That's true, I am white.

Wheeler: I don't have crabs! What have you been telling these kids?
Ronnie: That you have crabs.

Gayle Sweeny: You know what I used to have for breakfast? Cocaine. Know what I had for lunch? Cocaine.
Wheeler: What did you have for dinner?
Danny: Was it cocaine?

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Travis: You don't understand the situation.
Beck: You borrowed money from the guy. You shot the wrong guy. You slept with the wrong guy's wife. I-don't-care. Your mistake.

Travis: So, wait a minute. She gets what she needs, you get what you need, and I get the shaft?
Beck: I could always give her back the gun.
Travis: I really don't like you.
Beck: Yeah well, I get that a lot.

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