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Andrew Wyke: Put that back, please! It's an old Egyptian blocking game. It's taken me rather a long time to get it there.

Andrew Wyke: So I understand you wish to marry my wife.

Andrew Wyke: You're not giving me any kind of a chance, you sadistic bloody Wop.
Milo Tindle: I hope I didn't hear that correctly.

Andrew Wyke: You said everything was in plain view.
Milo Tindle: Well aren't I the shifty old sly boots, then.

Andrew Wyke: Property's always been more highly regarded in this country than people.

Milo Tindle: A turnstile to the bedrooms?
Andrew Wyke: One way or another, one always pays to get in.

Andrew Wyke: Milo, baby, lemme handle this one, eh? Crime's my baaag. I got this caper worked out ta the last detail.

Andrew Wyke: There's nothing like a little bit of mayhem to cheer one up.

Andrew Wyke: You shit.
Milo Tindle: Grazie mille.
Andrew Wyke: You all-time, knockdown, champion bastard, Milo.
Milo Tindle: You're too kind.

Andrew Wyke: There are certain skills best acquired in public bars, I suppose.

Andrew Wyke: On the morning of his execution, King Charles the First put on two shirts. 'If I tremble with the cold, ' he said, 'my enemies will say it was from fear. I will not expose myself to such reproaches.' We must also attempt this Anglo-Saxon dignity as you mount the steps to the scaffold.

Andrew Wyke: Wit in the face of adversity! Good! You've learned something from the English.

Milo Tindle: Why don't you ask yourself how your man Merridick would go about the search?
Andrew Wyke: Merridew! St. John Lord Merridew.

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Batiatus: But, my dear, great, all-conquering Marcus Licinius Crassus... what if it is Spartacus who crosses the battlefield, looking for you?
Marcus Licinius Crassus: In such circumstances, I have no doubt you will be helping him.

Marcus Licinius Crassus: In every city and province, lists of the disloyal have been compiled. Tomorrow they will learn the cost of their terrible folly... their treason.
Gracchus: And where does my name appear on the list of disloyal enemies of the state?
Marcus Licinius Crassus: First.

Marcus Licinius Crassus: Great merciful bloodstained gods! Your pardon.

Marcus Licinius Crassus: The enemies of the state are known, arrests are being made, the prisons begin to fill.

Marcus Licinius Crassus: You can't grieve forever.
Varinia: I'm not grieving.
Marcus Licinius Crassus: What are you doing?
Varinia: I am remembering.
Marcus Licinius Crassus: And what do you remember when you think of Spartacus?
Varinia: I remember that he started out all alone. And yet, on the day he died, thousands and thousands died in his place.

Caius: Sir, allow us to pledge you the most glorious triumph of your career.
Marcus Licinius Crassus: I'm not after glory, I'm after Spartacus.

Marcus Licinius Crassus: Are you not aware of Rome's most ancient law? That no General may enter the city at the head of his armed legions?
Marcus Publius Glabrus: Sulla did.
Marcus Licinius Crassus: Sulla? To the infamy of his name! To the utter damnation of his line.

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