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Lawrence Garfield: Would you like a donut?
Kate Sullivan: No thank you. I'm not hungry.
Lawrence Garfield: Gotta be hungry to eat a donut? I never heard of such a thing.

Lawrence Garfield: I love money. I love money more than the things it can buy. There's only one thing I love more than money. You know what that is? other PEOPLE'S money.

Lawrence Garfield: I love money more than the things it can buy... but what I love more than money is other people's money.

Lawrence Garfield: Since when do you have to be nice to be right?

Kate Sullivan: Rumor has it you got balls.
Lawrence Garfield: I've been trying to show you for weeks.

Kate Sullivan: For someone who doesn't have anything nice to say about lawyers you certainly have plenty of them around.
Lawrence Garfield: They're like nuclear warheads. They have theirs, so I have mine. Once you use them they f - - everything up.

Lawrence Garfield: Make as much as you can. For as long as you can. Whoever has the most when he dies, wins.

Bill Coles: Can I speak frankly?
Lawrence Garfield: No. Lie to me! Tell me how thrilled you are to know me. I always speak frankly. I hate people who say, "Can we speak frankly?" It means they're bullshittin' me the rest of the time.

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Ralph: Not only are we kidnappers, but I'm about to have a close encounter with a cattle prod.

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Owen: Larry! I can't breathe.
Larry: Yes! That's because I'm choking you.

Owen: She didn't feel a thing, Professor Donner. I know how important that is to you not to have her feel a thing.
Larry: Who?
Owen: Your wife. She had a little trouble walking, but that was from the gardener.
Larry: You saw my wife?
Owen: She was kind of a tart, Larry. Although I can see why you married her. She was very beautiful.

Momma: Owen! Food.
Owen: In a minute, Momma.
Momma: Don't you "In a minute, Momma" me! Get off your fat little ass or I'll break it for you! I want two soft-boiled eggs, white toast, and some of that grape jelly goddammit! And don't burn the toast.
Owen: Kill her, Larry.

Owen: Where are you going?
Larry: I'm gonna kill the bitch. You want something?
Owen: Could you get me a Chunky?

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Al: The whole point of love is to put someone else's needs above your own.

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