Stockard Channing

Quotes from Stockard Channing movies and TV shows

Kitty Baxter: Dan's a good man, and he's never eaten a whole person in his entire life.

Parking Lot Doctor: Please sign this, absolving me of any responsibility for the results of treatment.
Kitty Baxter: But you're a Doctor.
Parking Lot Doctor: And I intend to remain one.

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Rizzo: I got so many hickeys, people'll think I'm a leper.
Kenickie: Cheer up! A hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card.

Marty: What's with you tonight?
Rizzo: I feel like a defective typewriter.
Marty: Huh?
Rizzo: I skipped a period.
Marty: Think you're P.G.?

Rizzo: Where are you goin'? To flog your log?
Danny: Much better than hanging around here with you dorks.

Rizzo: Ok, so what do you guys think this is a gang bang?
Sonny: Yeah, you wish.

Danny: Oh, bite the weenie, Riz.
Rizzo: With relish.

Danny: You're looking good, Riz.
Rizzo: Eat your heart out.
Danny: But sloppy seconds ain't my style.

Sandy: What if they dance diffently than we do back home?
Rizzo: Hey don't worry, maybe you'll invent the kangaroo bop.

Sandy: Frenchy, I don't feel so good.
Rizzo: Think of it this way, if she screws you up she can always fix your hair so your ears don't show.

Sandy: Are you making fun of me, Riz?
Rizzo: Some people are so touchy.

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Ouisa: I am a collage of unaccounted for brush strokes. I am all random.

Flan Kittredge: Having a rich friend is like drowning and your friend makes lifeboats.
Ouisa: Only your friend gets very touchy if you say one word: lifeboat.

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Vida Boheme: Oh, Carol Ann, what on earth...?
Carol Ann: I'm just so clumsy. I mean... Virgil yelled at me. I mean, he called out to me. And, well, I just spilled the stew.
Vida Boheme: Hun, do you like, ever, not cry in this room?

Vida Boheme: Carol Ann, if we're going to be friends, there really is something I should tell you.
Carol Ann: Adam's Apple?
Vida Boheme: What?
Carol Ann: Adam's Apple. Women don't have Adam's Apples, only men have Adam's Apples. The first night that you came to town I noticed that you had yourself an Adam's Apple.
Vida Boheme: Then, then you know?
Carol Ann: I know, that I am very fortunate to have a lady friend who just happens to have an Adam's Apple.

Carol Ann: This is the presidential suite.
Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez: Must've been one of those bad presidents.

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