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Grace: The idea of my life as a fairytale is itself a fairytale.

Grace: Maybe I'm naive, but I believe in fairytales. I do, I believe they can exist if we really want them to. If, if we're prepared to work hard enough. I believe that the world will not always be full of hatred and conflict, if we're willing to sacrifice enough.

Princess Antoinette: And how long do you think you will last here?
Grace: Long enough to see the back of you.

Grace: I've reached my decision. I've thought about it, and... you'll have to find someone else to do the role.
Hitchcock: Is everything all right, Gracie?
Grace: Yes, everything's fine. I'm sorry, and good luck.
Hitchcock: Just remember, darling, don't stand too close to the edge of frame.

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Virginia Woolf: Im dying in this town.

Virginia Woolf: You cannot find peace by avoiding life, Leonard.

Angelica Bell: What were you thinking about?
Virginia Woolf: I was going to kill my heroine. But I've changed my mind.

Virginia Woolf: I am attended by doctors. Everywhere. I am attended by doctors who inform me of my own interests.

Virginia Woolf: You return to what?
Vanessa Bell: Tonight. Oh, just some insufferable dinner not even you could envy, Virginia.
Virginia Woolf: But I do.

Virginia Woolf: Did it matter, then, she asked herself, walking toward Bond Street. Did it matter that she must inevitably cease, completely. All this must go on without her. Did she resent it? Or did it not become consoling to believe that death ended absolutely? It is possible to die. It is possible to die.

Virginia Woolf: I was going to kill my heroine. But I've changed my mind. I fear I may have to kill someone else, instead.

Angelica Bell: Goodbye.
Virginia Woolf: Goodbye, little girl.

Virginia Woolf: Do you think I may one day escape?
Vanessa Bell: One day.

Leonard Woolf: If I didn't know you better I'd call this ingratitude.
Virginia Woolf: I am ungrateful? You call ME ungrateful? My life has been stolen from me. I'm living in a town I have no wish to live in... I'm living a life I have no wish to live... How did this happen?

Virginia Woolf: Say something, Nessa! Didn't you think I seemed better?

Virginia Woolf: I can't think of anything more exhilarating than a trip to London.

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Faunia Farley: Action is the enemy of thought.

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Silvia Broome: Do you know that the leading cause of death for beavers is falling trees?

Nils Lud: Nils Lud. Dr Zuwanie's head of security. I thought since you were in a question-answering mood, I might ask one or two. Might I ask where you stand now politically, Miss Broome?
Silvia Broome: I'm for peace and quiet, Mr. Lud. It's why I came to the U.N. Quiet diplomacy.
Nils Lud: With respect, you only interpret.
Silvia Broome: Countries have gone to war because they've misinterpreted one another.

Silvia Broome: Vengeance is a lazy form of grief.

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