Quotes from Scott Speedman movies and TV shows

Bobby Keough: Well, she's black, Eldon, that's why I don't talk about her.
Det. Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr.: Oh, you be dating a sistah.
Bobby Keough: Yeah.
Det. Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr.: I didn't know you were into ebony and ivory.
Bobby Keough: I do'nt wanna hear a bunch of black jokes, Hey, no I really don't.
Det. Sgt. Eldon Perry Jr.: Hey amigo, you think I care about the size, shape, color or political party of some sweet thing you're rolling around with?

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Kristen: James, we need a gun. Does your dad have a gun?
James Hoyt: Kristen, I'm looking! There was one here when I was a kid. He always hid it.

Kristen: I'm out of cigarettes.
James Hoyt: I'll go get you some more.
Kristen: I didn't... I didn't mean that. You don't have to. I'll just go to sleep. I'm tired anyway.
James Hoyt: No you won't.
Kristen: I'll try.
James Hoyt: It's all right. I want to drive for a little while anyway.

James Hoyt: I was thinking while you were taking a bath. I want you to take the car tomorrow.
Kristen: What do you mean?
James Hoyt: I don't think a road trip is a good idea right now.

Kristen: What are you thinking?
James Hoyt: Since we've been here, I haven't heard a dog bark... or a car pass. Nothing. Just us and them.

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