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Great Gam Gam: You two are the rightful heirs to the Von Wolfhausen Brewery. You should have the balls to take back what is yours.
Steve "Fink" Finklestein: Wow! You even talk like a whore.
Great Gam Gam: We are all whores in some ways.

Great Gam Gam: I always sleep better with a little sausage in me.

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Dola: You'll get yours! Don't just stand there, push this train over the cliff.

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Nurse Diesel: Perhaps I've been a bit too haaaarsh.

Nurse Diesel: Ahem.
Dr. Charles Montague: Oh, allow me to introduce Nurse Diesel, my right-hand man, woman.

Nurse Diesel: Those who are tardy do not get fruit cup.

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Hydia: One evil deed, that's all I asked! Oh, you're such a disappointment! I've given you everything a witch could want! Shabby clothes, a rotten place to live, all the foul-tasting food you can eat! And what do I get back? Nothing! Malevia over at Nightmare Heights, her daughter made Easter Sunday come up on a Tuesday! What've you done? Zip! A big fat zero.

Draggle: We wouldn't lie.
Hydia: I told you I don't care if you lie, just not to me.

Hydia: We're witches, wizards and warlocks! We're the reason honest people purchase doorlocks! We've turned princes into frogs, peasants into pheasants, soldiers and sailors into swine! We've never been accused of being angels, but as for being devils, we're divine.

Hydia: Why can't you be evil like I taught you? Why won't you misbehave the way you should? You never use the guillotine I bought you! You just aren't bad enough for your own good.

Hydia: It's time you two do-nothings DID something.
Draggle: Uh... I pulled the wings off a fly last week.
Reeka: Uh, I fried a worm.
Hydia: Aah, small time stuff! I'm talking about something big.
Reeka: Uh, uh, I could fry two worms.

Hydia: Back to the volcano.
Draggle: You said nothing can stop the smooze.
Hydia: I lied.

Draggle: Reeka's right, the smooze worked without it.
Hydia: Without what?
Draggle: Uh oh.
Hydia: Without what?
Draggle: Nothing.
Hydia: Then EAT.
Reeka: Ewwww.
Hydia: EAT.
Draggle: No, please! Don't make us eat ice cream.

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Evelyn Wright: We have to talk.
Deborah Clasky: Mother, are you buzzed?
Evelyn Wright: No. I quit drinking weeks ago! No one noticed, but I guess that's a pretty good indicator that I conducted myself quite well when I was drunk. But this isn't about me right now.

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