Harvey Keitel

Quotes from Harvey Keitel movies and TV shows

Mickey Cohen: Hey, this conversation is beneath me.

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Det. Rocco Klein: Errol. I thought you were dead.
Errol Barnes: I was. I came back.

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Ray Donlan: You know the difference between men and boys? Boys bet everything on everything! Boys think every hand is a royal flush! You play cards with a man, he knows his limits.

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Elvis: Sometimes you have to give what you have the dearest to find peace.

Byron Gruman: God, if I'd been driving, she's.
Elvis: She might be alive? Or you might be dead. Maybe both of you would have perished.
Byron Gruman: How could something so perfect be taken away from me?
Elvis: I've searched a lifetime for an answer to that question. All I know is, you have to forgive yourself, your woman, god... and have faith that the next love you'll have won't cause you so much pain.

Elvis: It's never too late for a comeback.

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Jacob Fuller: He's my son.
Seth Gecko: Oh yeah? How does that happen? You don't look Japanese.
Jacob Fuller: Neither does he. He looks Chinese.
Seth Gecko: Oh well, excuse me, all the hell.

Seth Gecko: So what are you, Jacob? A faithless preacher? Or a mean motherfucking servant of God?
Jacob Fuller: I'm a mean hm... Hm... Servant of God.

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PJ Waters: I was young once, too, and handsome. You'd have been impressed.
Ruth Barron: I wasn't born.

Ruth Barron: Ok tampax tool, I'm gonna give it to you right up your arse. All this "man-hating" shit for a start. "Oh she criticised me, I'll call her a man hater!" I know what you want from me, you just want a youthful pussy transfusion, preferably one you can take home to show the men folk what a beautiful post you got to piss on. Jeans pressed, cowboy boots... is that a uniform for individuals, is it? I want a young man.
PJ Waters: Your physical superiority makes you unkind.

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Judas: I struggle, you collaborate.

Judas: How will you ever pay for your sins?
Jesus: With my life, Judas. With my life. I don't have anything else.

Saul: You had orders to kill him and you haven't done it. Now he acts like a prophet, and you follow him.
Judas: Did you hear what he said back there?
Saul: Yes I heard him. We took an oath against Rome. I don't see a thing against Rome around here, all I see are Jews against Jews.
Judas: Then you're not listening.

Judas: What's good for man isn't good for God.

Judas: Rabbi, you broke my heart.

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Giovanni Cappa: I learned this from Charley Lucky during the World War II.
Charlie: Oh? What did he do?
Giovanni Cappa: What did he do? He was there, that's what he did.

Charlie: You know something? She is really good-lookin'. I gotta say that again. She is really good-lookin'. But she's black. You can see that real plain, right? Look, there isn't much of a difference anyway, is there. Well, is there?

Giovanni Cappa: This Johnny Boy is like your mister Groppi... a little crazy. It's nice you should help him out because of his family and our family but watch yourself... Don't spoil anything. His whole family has problems... his cousin, the girl who lives next door to you.
Charlie: Teresa.
Giovanni Cappa: ...The one who's sick, right? In the head.
Charlie: No, she's got epilepsy.
Giovanni Cappa: Yeah. That's what I said, sick in the head.

Charlie: Twenty dollars! Let's go da movies.

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Azro: They tooked everything! She took the TV. She even took my frickin' food.

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