Bill Cosby

Quotes from Bill Cosby movies and TV shows

Elliot Hopper: Cancel the 5.
Carol: Oh, no! You can't cancel the 5.
Elliot Hopper: Then put the 5 at 4, and then cancel at 4.

Elliot Hopper: Diane! Don't make me walk through this door.

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Kelly Robinson: Don't you ever bring a silencer?
Alexander Scott: Ruins the line of my suit.
Kelly Robinson: Mine too.

Alexander Scott: Has anyone told you how good you look in that?
Kelly Robinson: Why, no.
Alexander Scott: Well, if they do, smack 'em in the face real fast, because they're not your friend.

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Harry Fishbine: This is still the United States of America, god damn it! Los Angeles, California! Land of the free, home of the.
Mother: Rams and the Dodgers.

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