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Fathom Harvill: The name's Fathom Harvill.
Mike, Owner of Casa Miguel: Fathom? How'd you get a name like Fathom?
Fathom Harvill: It's short for Elizabeth.

Peter Merriwether: Fathom, eh? I never met a Fathom. Where did you ever get a kinky name like that?
Fathom Harvill: First initials for uncles - Freddy, Arthur, Tom, Harry, Oscar, Milton. They were all rich, and Papa wasn't taking any chances - unlike me.

Sergi Serapkin: Please sit down, Miss...?
Fathom Harvill: Harvill. Fathom Harvill. Please don't ask me how I got the name Fathom.
Sergi Serapkin: Let me guess. Your father wanted a very tall son. Or you were named after wealthy relatives. Or as a child, you were very deep.
Fathom Harvill: Two out of three, that's not bad.

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Thomas Luther Price: You would't by any chance be married to a no good bastard with a price on his head, would you?
Hannie Caulder: You're a bounty hunter.
Thomas Luther Price: I am.
Hannie Caulder: You kill men for money?
Thomas Luther Price: You know a better reason?
Hannie Caulder: Yes, I do.

Sheriff Lee: Damn it woman, you didn't have to cut him in half. Did ya?
Hannie Caulder: Both halves match don't they?

Sheriff Lee: You're a hard woman, Hannie Caulder.
Hannie Caulder: Like the man said, there aren't any hard women, only soft men.

Hannie Caulder: Get up! Strap it on.
Frank Clemens: Can I put my pants on?
Hannie Caulder: You're not gonna need them for long.
Frank Clemens: What the hell's this all about?
Hannie Caulder: I'm gonna kill ya.
Frank Clemens: Hmmm, hmmm, ha, ha, ha.

Thomas Luther Price: If I was to teach you the gun, you'd then go out and get your ass blown off.
Hannie Caulder: It's my ass.
Thomas Luther Price: Shame to get it shot full o' holes... It is as pretty a one as I ever laid eyes on.

Hannie Caulder: I'll make it worth your while.
Thomas Luther Price: I don't see no pockets in that blanket.

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K.C. Carr: Randy, I don't date skaters.
Randy: A skater! I ain't no skater, I am a goddamn star.

K.C. Carr: But you can't just throw Hank on the dump heap after you've used him.
Burt Henry: What the hell you talking about, use him? We're all used! You, me, anybody on two legs! That's what it's all about. That's your American pie for you. You ought to know that by now.

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