Kate Bosworth

Quotes from Kate Bosworth movies and TV shows

Jessie: Why do you have all these pills, Cody?
Cody: I don't like to sleep.

Jessie: No one ever really goes away. Not completely. Because they live in our minds, and in our hearts.

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Lois Lane: How did you get here?
Richard White: I flew.

Lex Luthor: C'mon, let me hear you say it. Just once. C'mon.
Lois Lane: You're insane.
Lex Luthor: No! Not that! The other thing. C'mon.
Lois Lane: Superman will never-
Lex Luthor: WRONG!

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Yang: We are called sad flutes because when you cut the throat, the last sound is like a sad flute.
Lynne: Dang! Skinny, you sure know how to throw a dang cat in a party room, don't cha.

Lynne: I've been waiting my whole life for a place where it's right to be wrong.

Lynne: By saving me we've ruined every new thing you've found here.
Yang: This new world without you, not so new.

Lynne: Do we win?
Yang: We survived. Some of us.

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