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Rick: Here's lookin' at you, kid.

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Reporter: What gives, Eddie? I looked up Toro in the book. There's no record of him in South America.
Eddie Willis: He knocked out thirty-eight guys in a row. None of them went over three rounds. You believe that one and I'll tell you another.

Eddie Willis: Money's not evil in and of itself. The purpose for which it's used is the determining factor.

Eddie Willis: I didn't come here to work out.

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Frank McCloud: One Rocco more or less isn't worth dying for.

Frank McCloud: When your head says one thing and your whole life says another, your head always loses.

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John Kincaid: What's your proposition?
Whip McCord: You go right ahead and build your town and attract settlers.
John Kincaid: So you can take away their money at faro and roulette, eh?
Whip McCord: Yeah, that's the idea. You take care of their virtues, I'll take care of their vices. Simple, ain't it?

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George Hally: I always say, when you got a job to do, get somebody else to do it.

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Oliver Larrabee: Seems to me there ought to be a less extravagant way of getting a chauffeur's daughter out of one's hair.
Linus Larrabee: How would you do it? You can't even get a little olive out of a jar.

Oliver Larrabee: I can never remember that garage girl's name.
Linus Larrabee: Sabrina.
Oliver Larrabee: Sabrina! What right has a chauffeur got to call his daughter Sabrina?
Linus Larrabee: What would you suggest... Ethel?

Linus Larrabee: I wish I were dead with my back broken.

Linus Larrabee: If you love her, take her. This is the 20th century.
Oliver Larrabee: The 20th century? I could pick a century out of a hat, blindfolded, and get a better one.

Linus Larrabee: Look at me. Joe College with a touch of arthritis.

Thomas Fairchild: May I ask, sir, what exactly are your intentions?
Linus Larrabee: My intentions? Unethical, reprehensible but very practical.
Thomas Fairchild: I beg your pardon?

Thomas Fairchild: I like to think of life as a limousine. Though we are all riding together, we must remember our places. There's a front seat and a back seat and a window in between.
Linus Larrabee: Fairchild, I never realised it before, but you're a terrible snob.
Thomas Fairchild: Yes, sir.

Linus Larrabee: I always make it a point to have controls.
Mr. Tyson: Yes, it's your good luck the kids are so fond of each other.
Linus Larrabee: I always make it a point to be lucky, too.

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Sgt. Joe Gunn: You heard my offer. Water for guns.

Jimmy Doyle: You think she'll pull us out all right?
Sgt. Joe Gunn: Oh, well, it all depends on the way we handle her. It's like a dame. But no dame ever said anything as sweet as this motor's going to sound to us when she gets rollin'.

Waco Hoyt: I see you whittled them down a bit.
Sgt. Joe Gunn: Yeah...they whittled us down too.

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Gold Hat: We are the Federales... You know... The mounted police.
Dobbs: If you're the police, where are your badges?
Gold Hat: Badges?.. We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges.

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