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Rick Leland: I'm sorry to be late, angel. I was held up.
Alberta Marlow: Oh, I like waiting for you Ricky. Wouldn't I make a splendid wife.
Rick Leland: What'll it be?
Alberta Marlow: Something cool and long.

Dr. Lorenz: Where will you stay in Panama, Mr. Leland?
Rick Leland: The Pan American. It's very quite and respectable.
Joe Totsuiko: That ain't for me.
Rick Leland: Where are you going beautiful?
Alberta Marlow: I'll have to find some place where they have the bath at the end of the hall and a 40 cents lunch.
Rick Leland: I know the guy who owns the Pan American. He'll give you a rate.

Rick Leland: Are your legs always blue?
Alberta Marlow: They're not blue.
Rick Leland: Oh, Sugi, get me that blanket.
Alberta Marlow: I don't want a blanket. I want the sunshine.
Rick Leland: Oh, your teeth are chattering like a crap game. This is November and it's winter sunshine.

Sam Wing On: What's the matter you, Rick?
Rick Leland: What's a matter you? What's a matter me, Sam?
Sam Wing On: All the time, people say you no good. Big smell from up north. I what's a matter you come back? Too much Army here. Everyone know. You through with Panama. Panama through with you.
Rick Leland: Well, Sam, maybe I won't be here long.

Rick Leland: How can you come from Medicine Hat?
Alberta Marlow: There's nothing wrong with Medicine Hat! It's hot in the summer, cold in the winter and nothing ever happens there.

Alberta Marlow: Mr. Leland, I believe that a man should tell the woman he's going to marry everything.
Rick Leland: Oh, in that case, I'll come clean.
Alberta Marlow: What?
Rick Leland: I look old, but that's because I've worried a lot. Actually, I haven't yet reached the age of legal consent, and if you don't get out of here, I'm gonna yell for help.
Alberta Marlow: All right, you can get yourself another heiress.

Rick Leland: Hey, are you getting sick?
Alberta Marlow: I don't know. How do girls usually act when you kiss them?
Rick Leland: Well, they don't turn green.
Alberta Marlow: Then I'm sick. Get me out of here.

Rick Leland: You certainly are a girl of many colors. First, your legs get blue. Then, your face turns green. And, now, your red all over.
Alberta Marlow: I never knew what suffering was until I came on this pleasure trip.

Rick Leland: If you catch pneumonia, what will happen to our romance?
Alberta Marlow: What will happen to it anyway, if you don't shave.

Rick Leland: How are you doing, angel?
Alberta Marlow: I think I got pushed in the face by someone. My - My lipstick's smeared.
Rick Leland: Aww, you look cute.
Alberta Marlow: And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go to my cabin... and faint.

Rick Leland: What was that boat you were talking about?
Steamship Office Clerk: The Genoa Maru, sailing tonight for Yokohama, by way of New York, the Panama Canal, and Honolulu.
Rick Leland: It's for me.
Steamship Office Clerk: Excuse, please.
Rick Leland: How much?
Steamship Office Clerk: To port of final destination, 212 dollars 80 cents.

Rick Leland: Everybody has bad luck with me. Goodbye.

Rick Leland: Maybe you overlooked something?
Dr. Lorenz: Could you suggest anything, sir, that we might have overlooked?
Rick Leland: What about your getaway?
Dr. Lorenz: We have a rendezvous with an undersea boat.

Alberta Marlow: I'm not so obsessed with money as you seem to be. I can do without it.
Rick Leland: You stick around with me and you'll get plenty of practice.

Rick Leland: Sam, you can help me. People tell you things.
Sam Wing On: People tell me because I don't tell. I tell, they don't tell me any more.

Rick Leland: At last, we're alone. Now, listen, bright eyes.
Alberta Marlow: No romance. There's something very interesting over there, Ricky.
Rick Leland: Where? What do you mean?
Alberta Marlow: T. Oki. It's not the same Oki that came down from Halifax with us. That's another man.
Rick Leland: Ah, the heat's kidding you angel. They all look alike.
Alberta Marlow: No they don't either. Not if you examine them closely.

Dr. Lorenz: You probably don't share my enthusiasm for the Japanese.
Rick Leland: I don't know, I never thought much about them.
Dr. Lorenz: A wonderful little people. Wonderful. Greatly misunderstood, believe me. To know them, that is to really know them, is to feel the deepest affection for them.

Joe Totsuiko: You can sit down, now, folks. Nobodies going anywhere.
Rick Leland: You guys been lookin' for a war, haven't you?
Joe Totsuiko: That's right, Rick. That's why we're starting it.
Rick Leland: You may start it, Joe. But, we'll finish it.

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Charlie Allnut: Nothin' a man can't do if he sets his mind to it. Never say die. That's my motto.

Charlie Allnut: What are you being so mean for, Miss? A man takes a drop too much once in a while, it's only human nature.
Rose Sayer: Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.

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