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Charlie Kaufman: My leg hurts, I wonder if it's cancer? There's a bump. I'm starting to sweat. Stop sweating. I've got to stop sweating. Can she see it dripping down my forehead? She looked at my hair line. She thinks I'm bald. She.
Valerie Thomas: We think you're great.
Charlie Kaufman: Oh, wow, thanks. Well, that's nice to hear.

Charlie Kaufman: We open on Charlie Kaufman. Fat, old, bald, repulsive, sitting in a Hollywood restaurant, across from Valerie Thomas, a lovely, statuesque film executive. Kaufman, trying to get a writing assignment, wanting to impress her, sweats profusely. Fat, bald Kaufman paces furiously in his bedroom. He speaks into his hand held tape recorder, and he says: "Charlie Kaufman. Fat, bald, repulsive, old, sits at a Hollywood restaurant with Valerie Thomas."

Charlie Kaufman: The book has no story. There's no story.
Marty: Alright. Make one up.

Susan Orlean: You FAT piece of shit. He's dead.
Charlie Kaufman: Shut up.
Susan Orlean: You loser. You've ruined my life, you FAT fuck.
Charlie Kaufman: Fuck you lady. You're just a lonely, old, desperate, pathetic drug addict.

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Amos Odell: You give me a million dollars, I give you a hostage. You give me a helicopter, I give you a hostage. You let me fly out of here.
Chief of Police Cecil Tolliver: All right. All right. I saw the damn movie.

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Terence McDonagh: You don't have a lucky crack pipe?

Terence McDonagh: You think fish have dreams?

Terence McDonagh: I'll kill all of you. To the break of dawn. To the break of dawn, baby.

Terence McDonagh: Everything I take is prescription - except for the heroin.

Terence McDonagh: Deoxyribonucleic acid.

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Joe: Where there's money, there's competition and the guy paying me usually wins.

Joe: I was taught four rules.
Joe: One: Don't ask questions. There is no such thing as right and wrong.
Joe: Two: Don't take an interest in people outside of work. There is no such thing as trust.
Joe: Three: Erase every trace. Come anonymous and leave nothing behind.
Joe: Four: Know when to get out. Just thinking about it means it's time. Before you lose your edge, before you become a target.

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Joe: Ok now this is epic.

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Frank Pierce: You said if I came in late for another shift, you'd fire me.
Captain Barney: I'll fire you tomorrow.

Tom Wall: You okay?
Frank Pierce: Never felt better in my life, how are you?

Marcus: Rule Number One: Don't get involved with patients. Rule Number Two: don't get involved with patients' daughters, now do you understand that?
Frank Pierce: What about Rule Number Three: Don't get involved with dispatchers named Love?
Marcus: Boy, you don't know nothin' bout Rule Number Three! Can't even begin to understand the complexities of that rule.

Frank Pierce: I gotta get a drink. Sobriety's killing me.

Frank Pierce: The streets are not like the ER. There's no walls, no controls.

Frank Pierce: Oh, I see. With all the poor people of this city who wanted only to live and were viciously murdered, you have the nerve to sit here, wanting to die, and not go through with it? You make me sick.

Tom Wall: Frank, what are you doing back there?
Frank Pierce: I'm sick, Tom. I need a cure. Vitamin B cocktail, followed by an amp of glucose and a drop of adrenaline. Not as good as beer, but it's all I got.

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