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Jesus: Do you think that God belongs only to you? He doesn't: God's an immortal spirit who belongs to everybody! To the whole world! You think, you are special? God is not an Israelite.

Jesus: God loves me. I know he loves me. I want him to stop.

Jesus: If I could touch every stone, if I could breathe on every branch, they'd get up and follow me. So what's wrong with you?

Jesus: You're here to trick me.
The Cobra/Satan: Trick you? To love and care for a woman, to have a family? This is a trick? Why are you trying to save the world? Aren't your own sins enough for you? What arrogance to think you can save the world. The world doesn't have to be saved: save yourself. Find love.
Jesus: I have love.

Jesus: I'm not gonna leave here until you speak to me.

Jesus: Is that you?

Jesus: The pain begins. It slides up my back and just before it gets to my eyes, it digs in its claws.

Jesus: If I was a woodcutter, I'd cut. If I was a fire, I'd burn. But I'm a heart and I love. That's the only thing I can do.

Pontius Pilate: It's one thing to want to change the way people live... but you want to change how they think, how they feel.
Jesus: All I'm saying is that change will happen with love, not with killing.
Pontius Pilate: Either way, it's dangerous. It's against Rome. It's against the way the world is. And killing or loving, it's all the same. It simply doesn't matter how you want to change things. We don't want them changed.

Jesus: I said Love! I didn't say Death.

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Thomas Wake: Why'd ya spill yer beans?

Thomas Wake: How long have we been on this rock? Five weeks? Two Days? Help me to recollect.

Thomas Wake: Tell me, what's a timberman want with being a wicky?
Ephraim Winslow: Just looking to earn a living just like any man. Start anew.
Thomas Wake: On the run.

Ephraim Winslow: What made your last keeper leave?
Thomas Wake: He believed that there was some enchantment in the light. Went mad, he did.
Ephraim Winslow: Tall tales.
Thomas Wake: What?

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Grace's Father: Now, they will not admit it, but it's a fact. Deep down inside, there isn't a woman alive who doesn't nurture these fantasies... whether they involve harems, being hunted through the jungle by torch-bearing natives. However much they go on and on about civilization and democracy, sexy it ain't.

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Anderson: You know, if I were a Negro, I'd probably think the same way they do.
Ward: If you were a Negro, nobody would give a damn what you thought.

Ward: Just don't lose sight of whose rights are being violated.
Anderson: Don't put me on your perch, Mr. Ward.
Ward: Don't drag me into your gutter, Mr. Anderson.
Anderson: These people are crawling out of the sewer, MR. ward! Maybe the gutter's where we outta be.

Deputy Pell: You got no right to be here. This is a political meeting.
Ward: Doesn't smell that way to me, Deputy.
Deputy Pell: It's a damn political meeting, Hoover Boy.
Ward: Oh, it looks like a political meeting, but smells more like Klan to me... with or without the Halloween costumes.

Ward: What's wrong with these people?

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