Cheech Marin

Quotes from Cheech Marin movies and TV shows

Rudy: If you want to be cool, first you pull your headband into the cool position. Then you just lean back, put this hand in your pocket and then you wave this hand behind you like you just cut one and your trying to shoo away the stinch.

Rudy: Hey Man, whaaas sappening?

Rudy: Hey Miester! I like your sister.

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Cheech: Shit, man, I'm gonna be late for work again. That's the fifth time this week, and it's only Tuesday, man.

Cheech: Responsibility is a heavy responsibility.

Chong: I dig it, man. It's good. But you know, while you were singing that, I came up with another song, man.
Cheech: Oh, yeah?
Chong: Yeah. It's like the same thing, only different.

Cheech: Man, if you had a second brain, it would die of loneliness, man.

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Tourist Girl: And, your beer tastes like piss.
Bartender: We know.
Tavo: 'Cause we piss in it!
Bartender: That's not all!

Bartender: Bad beer, bad service. Don't people know not to come in here?

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Tito: Hey, man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall.

Tito: Allow me to introduce myself: I am Ignacio Alonso Julio Federico de Tito.
Georgette: Get away from me, you little bug-eyed creep.

Tito: It's newspaper burritos for breakfast again, man.

Tito: Hey, hey, hey! There is a lady, Francis.
Georgette: Well, it's nice to see that one of you has some manners.
Tito: After you, my little croissant.
Francis: Good grief.

Georgette: Save me, save me Alonzo.
Tito: Hey, get off my back woman. I'm driving.

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Chong: You know I could be your daddy.
Cheech: You could be my daddy, man?
Chong: Yeah, I used to fuck buffalo.

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Romeo Posar: Now THAT was a defining moment. And the definition was "shit."

Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy: This is for Venturi who thinks I should lay up.
Romeo: What does he know? He only won this tournament before you were born.

Romeo Posar: Look, boss, I only got one rule. And that's never bet money that you don't have on a dog race with an ex-girlfriend who happens to be a stripper.

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