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Sherif Ali: There is the railway. And that is the desert. From here until we reach the other side, no water but what we carry with us. For the camels, no water at all. If the camels die, we die. And in twenty days they will start to die.
T.E. Lawrence: There's no time to waste, then, is there?

General Allenby: I'm promoting you Major.
T.E. Lawrence: I don't think that's a very good idea.

Mr. Dryden: Lawrence, only two kinds of creature get fun in the desert: Bedouins and gods, and you're neither. Take it from me, for ordinary men, it's a burning, fiery furnace.
T.E. Lawrence: No, Dryden, it's going to be fun.
Mr. Dryden: It is recognized that you have a funny sense of fun.

General Murray: I can't make out whether you're bloody bad-mannered or just half-witted.
T.E. Lawrence: I have the same problem, sir.

Prince Feisal: To be great again, it seems that we need the english... or.
T.E. Lawrence: Or?
Prince Feisal: What no man can provide, Mr. Lawrence. We need a miracle.

General Allenby: I fight like Clausewitz, then you fight like Saxe.
T.E. Lawrence: We should do very well, then, shouldn't we?

T.E. Lawrence: I cannot fiddle but I can make a great state of a small city.

T.E. Lawrence: I killed two people. One was... yesterday? He was just a boy and I led him into quicksand. The other was... well, before Aqaba. I had to execute him with my pistol, and there was something about it that I didn't like.
General Allenby: That's to be expected.
T.E. Lawrence: No, something else.
General Allenby: Well, then let it be a lesson.
T.E. Lawrence: No... something else.
General Allenby: What then?
T.E. Lawrence: I enjoyed it.

T.E. Lawrence: Look, Ali. If any of your Beduin arrived in Cairo and said: "We've taken Aqaba" the generals would laugh.
Sherif Ali: I see. In Cairo you will put off these funny clothes. You'll wear trousers and tell stories of our quaintness and barbarity and then they will believe you.
T.E. Lawrence: You're an ignorant man.

T.E. Lawrence: I'm to "assess the situation."
Colonel Brighton: Hmph! Well that won't be too difficult. The situation's bloody awful.

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Henry II: I stole the candles from the chapel. Jesus won't begrudge them and the chaplain works for me.

Henry II: HA! What shall we hang... The holly, or each other?

Eleanor of Aquitaine: How dear of you to let me out of prison.
Henry II: It's only for the holidays.

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Murphy: Louis, the doctor lady... she's a Quaker. That's like bein' a bloody nun, isn't it?
Brezan: No, I don't think so.
Murphy: Why couldn't she be any young nurse? Something practical.

Brezan: Man is only truly alive when he confronts death.
Murphy: He can also be truly dead.

Murphy: Lady! I'm stark bollocks naked.

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Pantaloon: Why, you, you crooked tail coward.
Mouseking: Crooked tail?
Nutcracker: You despicable rodent.

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Anthony Raine: It seems to me we really do squeeze every last groat out of the farmers who use our roads.
Lord Sarn: We do our best.
Anthony Raine: Is it really necessary to have seven gates between St. Claire's and Pembroke?
Lord Sarn: Lunch.

Lord Sarn: You said you had men posted on the road. Drunk, were they?
Jack Wet: No Sir, they were as sober as you or I.
Lord Sarn: What? I am certainly not sober. And I'll have you know neither is my cat.

Anthony Raine: Seeing as we are here, perhaps I could come in and say good evening to Rhiannon.
Lord Sarn: No. If you want to say good evening to her, you will do it tomorrow morning.

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