Colm Feore

Quotes from Colm Feore movies and TV shows

Detective Frank McDuff: Sorry about Charlie, Hank. He was a good man.
Henry Rafferty: I want in on the investigation.
Lieutenant Washington: Hank I think it's best if we let McDuff handle this in his own way. It's a complicated situation.
Henry Rafferty: Wh-What's so complicated about it? My partner's dead and I just want the son of a bitch that pulled the trigger.

Earl Montgomery: Who's the Planet of the Apes looking lady in the dress?
Detective Frank McDuff: That's my father.
Earl Montgomery: Handsome man.

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Harry S. Truman: Charlie, Bess thinks you'd make a hell of a press secretary.
Charlie Ross: Oh, Jesus, no, Harry.
Harry S. Truman: Oh, you can't say no to Bess. I'm appointing Frank here secretary.
Frank Vassar: Secretary of what?
Harry S. Truman: Just secretary. Franklin's staff all look at me like a skunk at a wedding. I need some Missouri around me real quick.

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