Jim Broadbent

Quotes from Jim Broadbent movies and TV shows

Tom: Alright, I dig holes.
Katie: That's just calling a spade a spade, isn't it?
Gerri: I always call it a shovel.
Tom: You call it a fork. I call it a trailer-mounted tripod cable percussive boring unit.
Gerri: That's why I love him.

Mary: You can't go around with a big sign saying don't fall in love with me I'm married.
Tom: Well, most people wear a ring.
Mary: Well he didn't.

Mary: But he wasn't a bad person. He loved me.
Tom: Sounds to me that he was a duplicitous shit.

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Grandsanta: The Santas always come through Canada. Nobody lives here. It's nice and quiet.

Grandsanta: You were right, Arthur! It doesn't matter how Santa's gift gets there! It doesn't matter if it is Mr Postman in his Spaceship.
Arthur: Just as long as it gets there.
Grandsanta: You made it happen, Lad! No-one got left out.

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Dad: Ciggy?
Bridget Jones: No. No thanks. I've given up again.
Dad: Shame. I find them very useful. I take great comfort in the fact that they might kill me before things actually get worse.

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Vyvyan Ayrs: That's it! The music from my dream.
Robert Frobisher: I call it the "Cloud Atlas Sextet."

Timothy Cavendish: Two sprained ankles, one cracked rib. Official cause of accident listed on the hospital form: "Pussy."

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Meg: The other day, I'll have you know, a young man... tried to pick me up.
Nick: That doesn't surprise me... You're hot.
Meg: Thank you.
Nick: Hot, but cold.

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Dylan: Chill out guys, I've got something stashed that just might help.
Brian: Dylan, we don't have time to indulge in recreational activities.

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Susie Webster: Oh, this whole thing's such a load of shit! I mean, our gene pool alone is bad enough. Workaholic meets curmudgeon, meets deranged 30-something.
Tony Webster: You're not a curmudgeon.
Susie Webster: I was talking about you.
Tony Webster: I know, darling.

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