Quotes from Patrick Stewart movies and TV shows

Walter Blunt: What would I do without you, Harry?
Harry Chandler: What would I do without you, Major?

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Mr. Woolensworth: Morkubine Porcupine?
Morkubine Porcupine: Yo.

Mr. Woolensworth: Class, turn to page 62 and translate each word in mutton. He.
Students: Baa.
Mr. Woolensworth: She.
Students: Baa.
Mr. Woolensworth: They.
Students: Baa.
Mr. Woolensworth: We.
Students: Baa.

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Dr. Jonas: Years ago I worked for the CIA on the MK ultra program. Are you familiar with it?
Alice Sutton: It was mind control. "Manchurian Candidate" kind of stuff.
Dr. Jonas: That's a vulgar generalization. But yes, you take an ordinary man an turn him into an assassin. That was our goal.

Dr. Jonas: Have you ever been a place where hope was gone? Where all that's left is patience?

Dr. Jonas: There he goes! Open the goddamn gate! Open the gate.
Redheaded Nurse: No! And you watch your language.
Flip: FBI, lady, open the damn door.

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Charles Xavier: Two days on the road, only one meal, and hardly any sleep. She's 11, I'm fucking 90.

Charles Xavier: This is what life looks like: people love each other. You should take a moment.

Charles Xavier: Fuck off, Logan.
Logan: See, you know who I am.
Charles Xavier: I always know who you are, I just sometimes don't recognize you.

Donald Pierce: Charles Xavier, the world famous mutant octogenarian.
Charles Xavier: Actually, I'm a nonagenarian.

Charles Xavier: I don't think Laura needs a reminder of life's impermanence.

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Raif Bentley: You know, I'm not a violent man but I really do think I'm going to have to kill someone here.

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Picard: Look! The control pad. It's still on the other side.
Kirk: I'll get it. You go for the launcher.
Picard: No...you'll never make that by yourself. We have to work together.
Kirk: We ARE working together. Trust me. Go!
Picard: Good luck, Captain!
Kirk: Call me Jim.

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Captain Picard: In his quest to be more like us, he helped show us what it means to be human.

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Deja Q - S3-E13

Picard: Return that moon to its orbit.
Q: I have no powers! Q, the ordinary!
Picard: Q, the liar! Q, the misanthrope!
Q: Q, the miserable! Q, the desperate! What must I do to convince you people?
Worf: Die.

Picard: Space...the final frontier. These are the continuing voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Her ongoing mission, to seek out new life forms, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

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Capt. Picard: Make it so.

Capt. Picard: Engage!

Capt. Picard: Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

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Max Winters: Every three thousand years, the stars align. Unleashing an army of monsters.

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