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Amelia Earhart: Who wants a life imprisoned in safety?

Fred Noonan: Might be easier to shoot me.
Amelia Earhart: Just lightening the load.
Fred Noonan: You got room for 180 pounds of asshole?

George Putnam: Come back to me.
Amelia Earhart: Always.

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Madeleine Linscott: Get the picture?
Ofcr. Dwight "Bucky" Bleichert: Technicolor.

Madeleine Linscott: Elizabeth and I made love once. I just did it to see what it would be like with someone who looked like me.

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Betty Anne Waters: I don't deserve a friend like you.
Abra Rice: You damn right, you don't.

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Erin Gruwell: Does anyone know Homer's the Odyssey?
Andre: I know Homer the Simpson.

Erin Gruwell: An F? What, are ya trippin'?

Erin Gruwell: I love you.
Steve Gruwell: You love the idea of me.

Erin Gruwell: Your bags are packed and you think the wine will give me a headache?

Erin Gruwell: But to get respect you have to give it.
Andre: Bullshit.
Erin Gruwell: What?
Andre: Why should I give you my respect to you? Because you're a teacher? I don't know you. How do I know you're not a liar standing up there. How do I know you're not a bad person standing up there? I'm not just gonna give you my respect because you're called a teacher.
Eva: White people wanting their respect like its for free.

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Mary Bee Cuddy: You are a poor specimen of a man, Vester Belknap.

Mary Bee Cuddy: Perhaps you don't realise what a grand thing you're doing taking these poor, helpless women home. If you don't, I assure you, I do. This might be the finest, most generous act of your life.

Mary Bee Cuddy: I live uncommonly alone.

Mary Bee Cuddy: Why not marry?
Bob Giffin: Miss Cuddy, I appreciate the offer, and the supper, the concert and all. But I cannot marry you. Will not, won't. I ain't perfect, but you are too bossy. And too damn plain.

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Francis: This his blood?
Ellie Burr: Ketchup maybe. Was he eating a hot dog?

Will Dormer: We better find out where this came from.
Ellie Burr: I tried. Mrs. Connell doesn't know, her friends didn't know.
Will Dormer: Have you tried the jewelry stores? Small things, remember? The second you're about to dismiss something, think about it. Look at it again.
Ellie Burr: Want me to write that down?
Will Dormer: No, I'll remember it.

Ellie Burr: So, I'm gonna just take you guys over to the lodge, and.
Will Dormer: Just take us to the station.
Ellie Burr: Right. We need to get started. Most homicides are solved by work done in the first 72 hours.
Will Dormer: Well, it's 48 hours. We're a day behind. But who's counting?

Ellie Burr: A good cop can't sleep because he's missing a piece of the puzzle. And a bad cop can't sleep because his conscience won't let him.

Will Dormer: You shouldn't knock misdemeanors.
Ellie Burr: Oh, but it's small stuff. It gets so boring.
Will Dormer: It's all about small stuff. You know, small lies, small mistakes. People give themselves away, same in misdemeanors as they do on murder cases. It's just human nature. Aren't you gonna write that down?

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