Quotes from Richard Gere movies and TV shows

George Putnam: Come back to me.
Amelia Earhart: Always.

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Robert Miller: What you did is way beyond the money.
Jimmy Grant: Nothing is beyond money for you, Robert. We both know that.

Ellen Miller: It's all going to be fine. It always is. Just follow the plan.
Robert Miller: And what is that plan?
Ellen Miller: Confidence equals contract.
Robert Miller: You sound like a fortune cookie.
Ellen Miller: They are your words, actually.
Robert Miller: Then you married an idiot.

Syd Felder: What's baffling to me, despite your sentimental history together, is why you would put your family's future in this kid's hands.
Robert Miller: He's not like us.
Syd Felder: Is that a good thing?

Ellen Miller: You broke our little girl's heart.
Robert Miller: That's how it all works, Ellen. You know that.
Ellen Miller: I know, but she didn't.
Robert Miller: She'll be better for it. The world is cold.
Ellen Miller: Then you're gonna need a warm coat.

Robert Miller: This is a trust, in your name, assets of two million dollars. Take a look at that.
Jimmy Grant: Are you serious? You think money's gonna fix this? Huh?
Robert Miller: What else is there?

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Jesse Lujack: I say Monica, you ever been to Mexico, honey?
Jesse Lujack: I say Monica, darlin', you coming to Mexico with me?
Jesse Lujack: Monica, you coming to Mexico with me.
Jesse Lujack: Me and Monica.
Jesse Lujack: Cos I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be.
Jesse Lujack: Mon-Monica and me.
Jesse Lujack: Me and Monica! Yeah, me and Monica go to MĂ©jico.

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Billy Flynn: Now look, I don't like to blow my own horn. But believe me. If Jesus Christ lived in Chicago today and if he had $5,000 and he'd come to me, things would have turned out differently.

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Paul Shepherdson: If the Russians used their women instead of missiles, we'd be wearing furry hats right now.

Brutus: Who are you?
Paul Shepherdson: I'm the one who shot you in Salzburg. I'm also the one who trained you in Moscow.
Brutus: Cassius?

Ben Geary: You're gonna "shoot her in the head"?
Paul Shepherdson: Just making a connection.

Paul Shepherdson: Spooks aren't supposed to be creatures of habit.

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Lancelot: I dare not kiss so lovely a lady. I have but one heart to lose.

Arthur: God uses people like you, Lancelot. Because your heart is open. You hold nothing back. You give all of yourself.
Lancelot: If you knew me better, you would not say such things.
Arthur: Oh, hey, I take the good with the bad, together. I can't love people in slices.

Lancelot: You must not care whether you live or die.

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Parker Wilson: You want a dog?
Jasjeet: I prefer cash.
Parker Wilson: He would make a great guard dog for you.
Jasjeet: A guard dog to guard the hot dogs? I don't think so.

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Dennis Peck: How many cops you know, huh? Got nothing. Divorced, alcoholic, kids won't talk to them anymore, can't get it up. Sitting there in their little apartments, alone in the dark, playing lollipop with a service revolver?

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Vincent Eastman: We weren't a family. We were a corporation. With a kid.

Neal: Everybody has to work for somebody. Even Michael-Angelo had to please the Pope.
Vincent Eastman: The Pope didn't ask for parking space.

Sally Eastman: I don't think we can do this anymore. Come to the same office everyday.
Vincent Eastman: You're right. You're fired.

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