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Darkman: I'm everyone. And no one. Everywhere. Nowhere. Call me...Darkman.

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Ottway: Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day.

Ottway: I'm going to start beating the shit out of you in the next five seconds.

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Dr. David Marrow: Okay, so what do we all need in life? What are the basics? Food, water, shelter.
Theo: ...Sex.

Dr. David Marrow: Let me explain what's happening here. You're participating in a study on group fear and hysteria.
Luke: What? That's it, that's what this was all about?
Theo: You brought us here to scare us, is that it?
Dr. David Marrow: Yes.
Luke: And you were just waiting for her to have a total nervous breakdown before you said it? I mean, what is your problem?

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Alfred Kinsey: Everybody's sin is nobody's sin, and everybody's crime is no crime at all.

Alfred Kinsey: Love is the answer, isn't it? But sex raises a lot of very interesting questions.

Alfred Kinsey: The doctors say my heart sounds like a cement mixer.
Clyde Martin: At least they found one.

Reporter: Any plans on a Hollywood picture based on the book?
Alfred Kinsey: I can't think of anything more pointless.

Alfred Kinsey: Mac, did I ever tell you about the Mbeere?
Clara McMillen: No, not that I recall.
Alfred Kinsey: They're an ancient East African tribe. They believe that trees are imperfect men... eternally bemoaning their imprisonment. The roots that keep them stuck in one place. But I've never seen a discontented tree. Look at this one! The way its roots are gripping the ground. I believe it really loves it.

Alfred Kinsey: I see marriage as a life-time partnership between equals.

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Mark Felt: The White House is packing all its crimes in separate little boxes. Watergate, the spying, the ugliness, the rot. Each thing in a different box so that no-one can put it together, so that no-one sees it's all connected. And no-one will care, but it's all the same big thing.
Sandy Smith: And Watergate? Just the gateway.

Bob Woodward: We're lost in detail.
Mark Felt: That's their plan. They want everyone confused. Confusion is control. The truth could ruin the administration.

Mark Felt: What brings you back?
Bill Sullivan: Two words: Re. Venge.

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Agent High T: Always remember: the universe has a way of leading you to where you're supposed to be, at the moment you're supposed to be there.

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Michael Collins: I hate them for making hate necessary, and I'll do what I can to end it.

Eamon de Valera: They call us murderers.
Michael Collins: War is murder! Sheer, bloody murder! Had you been here the past year, you'd know that.

Michael Collins: There was a man in west Cork who proposed to five sisters.
Kitty Kiernan: I suppose they all refused.
Michael Collins: Then the father died and he proposed to the mother.
Kitty Kiernan: Are you trying to tell me something?
Michael Collins: I was working up to a proposal.

Kitty Kiernan: Is it true, Mick, that all of the women in America wear trousers?
Michael Collins: Absolutely! Shameless hussies, the lot o' them.

Michael Collins: I want peace and quiet. I want it so much I'd die for it.

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