Cameron Diaz

Quotes from Cameron Diaz movies and TV shows

Christina Pagniacci: (Speaking to Tony) Why the hell do you think my father put me in charge you bullheaded moron.

Christina Pagniacci: No intensity, no victory.

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Elizabeth Halsey: Well, that's my spiel, as the Jews say.

Elizabeth Halsey: Sign my yearbook.
Russell Gettis: Hold my ball sack.

Russell Gettis: That was a nice thing you did for him.
Elizabeth Halsey: He was going through a difficult time.
Russell Gettis: I am going through a difficult time. May I have your panties?
Elizabeth Halsey: I'm not wearing any.

Elizabeth Halsey: I'm going to suck your dick like I'm mad at it.

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Lotte Schwartz: Suck my dick.

Lotte Schwartz: We love her, Craig.
Craig Schwartz: We?
Lotte Schwartz: John and me.
Craig Schwartz: Don't forget about me.
Lotte Schwartz: Well you have a Maxine action figure to play with.

Lotte Schwartz: I think it's kinda sexy that John Malkovich has a portal, y'know, sort of like, it's like, like he has a vagina. It's sort of vaginal, y'know, like he has a, he has a penis and a vagina. I mean, it's sort of like... Malkovich's... feminine side. I like that.

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Norma Lewis: You sure do ask a lot of questions.
Walter Lewis: And now you're avoiding them.

Norma Lewis: Hell is other people seeing you for who you truly are.

Norma Lewis: We don't want any more trouble, okay?
Arlington Steward: I'm afraid trouble has found you, Mrs. Lewis. There are always consequences.

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Natalie: They don't call me balls out Natalie for nothing.

Pete: I'll get tickets.
Natalie: I love tickets!

Natalie: Where's Knox? Is he OK?
Dylan: He's fine. He's the bad guy.

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Natalie Cook: Tickets, I love tickets.

Natalie Cook: Do a little dance?
Dylan Sanders: Make a little love.
Alex Munday: Get down tonight.

Natalie Cook: Bring it on, bitch.

Madison Lee: I don't take orders from a speaker-box anymore. I work for myself.
Natalie Cook: Well, your boss sucks.

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Reiner: Are you really that cold?
Malkina: The truth has no temperature.

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