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Johnny: You'd be smart to kill me now.

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Edward Snowden: And ultimately, the truth sinks in that no matter what justification you're selling yourself, this is not about terrorism. Terrorism is the excuse. This is about economic and social control. And the only thing you're really protecting is the supremacy of your government.

Edward Snowden: You didn't tell me we were running a dragnet on the whole world, Corbin.

Edward Snowden: I think the greatest freedom that I have gained, the fact that I don't have to worry about what happens tomorrow, Because I'm happy with what I've done Today.

Edward Snowden: So, this is data collection for the month of March worldwide, emails and Skype calls. So France, 70 million. Germany, 500 million. Brazil, two billion. Inside the U.S., 3.1 billion emails and calls. That's not including any of the telecom company data.
NSA Dep. Director Lowell: Okay, so what's the collection in Russia?
Edward Snowden: Russia is 1.5 billion.
NSA Dep. Director Lowell: Wait, so we're collecting twice as much in the U.S. as we are in Russia?

Edward Snowden: But Austria?

Edward Snowden: So, you're, um, an engineer?
Hank Forrester: Am I an engineer? Instructor and counselor, too. I'm supposed to keep an eye on you CTs, make sure you don't buckle under the pressure. Turn to drugs and booze.
Edward Snowden: Well, you won't have that problem with me. I don't drink or do drugs.
Hank Forrester: What is your sin of choice?
Edward Snowden: Uh, computers.
Hank Forrester: Well, then, Snowden, you've come to the right little whorehouse.

Edward Snowden: Terrorism is just an excuse.

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Philippe Petit: I find myself in the middle of the wire. And I feel the void. And although a wire-walker should never look down... I do. And it was... It was beautiful. It was calm and beautiful, and serene, and "not-dangerous."

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