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Road to the Multiverse - S8-E1

[Stewie and Brian are in the Robot Chicken Universe.]
Stewie: So, how does it feel to be on a major network for fifteen minutes?
Chris: FUCK YOU!

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Blue Harvest - S6-E1

Lois Griffin: Aren't you a little fat for a storm trooper?
Chris Griffin: Well, stay here and rot, you stuck-up bitch.

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The Story on Page 1 - S2-E19

Brian Griffin: If I remember correctly, this is the Physics department.
Chris Griffin: That explains all the gravity.

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Petarded - S4-E6

Chris Griffin: My dad's smarter than your dad!
Meg Griffin: We have the same dad, you idiot.
Chris Griffin: Yeah, but mine's smarter!

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Chris Griffin: Stewie, do you want a sundae?
Stewie: Yes, but no sprinkles! For every sprinkle I find...I shall kill you!

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