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Barbara Covett: People languish for years with partners who are from another planet. We want so much to believe that we've found our other. It takes courage to recognise the real as opposed to the convenient.

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Philomena: I forgive you because I don't want to remain angry.

Philomena: Oh... that's for good luck.
Martin Sixsmith: I always thought that St. Christopher was a bit of a Mickey Mouse saint. I used to be an altar boy.

Philomena: I remember that day at the fair. His father made me laugh by pretending to be an old man and I made him laugh by pretending to be an old woman. Now I am one, and I'll never know if Anthony ever even thought about me. And I'll never be able to say sorry.

Philomena: I've always wanted to see him in his big chair.
Martin Sixsmith: Well, he was uh... a big man. Literally. 6 foot 4, tallest American president.
Philomena: You can see that. He's tall even sitting down.

Martin Sixsmith: The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
Philomena: That's lovely, Martin. Did you just think of that?
Martin Sixsmith: No, it's T.S. Eliot.

Philomena: Sister Hildegarde, I want you to know that I forgive you.
Martin Sixsmith: What? Just like that?
Philomena: Its not 'just like that'... it's hard. That's hard for me. But I don't want to hate people. I don't want to be like you... Look at you.
Martin Sixsmith: I'm angry.
Philomena: Must be exhausting.

Philomena: He doesn't want to see me, isn't it?
Martin Sixsmith: Some people have problem to deal with the past... not you, though. But I'm sure he'll come around.

Philomena: Remember Martin, it isn't their fault. They didn't know Anthony had a different name.
Martin Sixsmith: One of them did.

Philomena: But I don't wanna hate people. I don't wanna be like you. Look at you.
Martin Sixsmith: I'm angry.
Philomena: Must be exhausting.

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M: This is about trust. You said you weren't motivated by revenge.
James Bond: I am motivated by my duty.
M: No... I think you're so blinded by inconsolable rage that you don't care who you hurt. When you can't tell your friends from your enemies, it's time to go.

M: It'd be a pretty cold bastard who didn't want revenge for the death of someone he loved.

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Evelyn Greenslade: I don't know why I tell you anything.
Muriel Donnelly: Because I'm older and wiser.
Evelyn Greenslade: Nineteen days older.
Muriel Donnelly: That's the entire lifespan of a wasp.

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Queen Elizabeth: Have her then, but you're a lordly fool: she's been plucked since I saw her last, and not by you. Takes a woman to know it.

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James Bond: 007 reporting for duty.
M: Where the hell have you been?
James Bond: Enjoying death.

[Bond rushes after a train and jumps onto the back of it.]
Man on platform: He's keen to get home.

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Queen Victoria: I am 81 years of age. I've had nine children and 42 grandchildren, and have almost a billion citizens. I have rheumatism, a collapsed uterus, I'm morbidly obese and deaf in one ear. I have known 11 Prime Ministers and passed 2,347 pieces of legislation. I've been in office 62 years, 234 days. Thus, I am the longest-serving monarch in world history. I'm responsible for five households and a staff of over 3,000. I am cantankerous, boring, greedy, fat, ill-tempered, at times selfish and myopic, both metaphorically and literally. I am perhaps disagreeably attached to power and should not have smashed the Emperor of Russia's egg. But I am anything but insane. If the household wish to disobey me, so be it. Let them do it to my face. I will see everyone in the Durbar Room at once.

Queen Victoria: Everyone I love has died and I just go on and on. What is the point?
Abdul Karim: Service, Your Majesty. We are here for a greater purpose.

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