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Wade Whitehouse: Love? What the fuck do you know about love?
Glen Whitehouse: Love? I'm made of love.

Wade Whitehouse: You know she won't be here for a half hour. You think you can stand it here that long?

Wade Whitehouse: You know I get the feeling like a whipped dog some days. Some night I'm gonna bite back, I swear.

Wade Whitehouse: Lillian, listen to me. I don't want her to go.
Lillian Whitehouse Horner: Please don't make a scene. I am not trying - nobody is trying to win a round, so don't make it any worse than it is.
Wade Whitehouse: Well I'm not making it any worse, you are.

Wade Whitehouse: I think there's some dirty business going on in this town.

Rolfe Whitehouse: But at least I was never afflicted by that man's violence.
Wade Whitehouse: That's what you think.

Jill: I wanna go home.
Wade Whitehouse: Home? Jill, you are home.

Wade Whitehouse: It's not funny now. I'm a cop and I gotta listen to all the complaints people make. I'm not a kid anymore. You change.
Jill: I bet you did lots of bad things.
Wade Whitehouse: What are you talking about?
Jill: I just think you used to be bad.
Wade Whitehouse: No. I didn't used to be bad. No sir. Where do you get this stuff? From your mother?
Jill: No. She doesn't talk about you anymore.

Lillian Whitehouse Horner: God, you make me sick.
Wade Whitehouse: What?
Lillian Whitehouse Horner: I can't believe you would you sink this low.
Wade Whitehouse: Low as what? What have I done?
Lillian Whitehouse Horner: Your lawyer called.
Wade Whitehouse: Yeah. Is it bad to want to see your own daughter?

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Sam Bowden: He says we're fugitives.
Danielle: What does that mean?
Sam Bowden: That means we're doing something right.

Max Cady: So, here we are, two lawyers for all practical purposes talking shop.
Sam Bowden: How much do you want Mr. Cady?
Max Cady: How much do I want what?
Sam Bowden: How much money do you want?
Max Cady: Money? Counselor, do I look destitute you.
Sam Bowden: Well I'm open to discussion within reasonable limits.
Max Cady: You ever been a woman.
Sam Bowden: What?
Max Cady: A woman... some fat, hairy hillbilly's wet dream.

Sam Bowden: My wife found some marijuana in one of Danni's schoolbooks, we don't know if Cady gave it to her, but she's scared and won't talk to us, now this has gone far enough.
Claude Kersek: Did you call the police?
Sam Bowden: No I didn't call the police, what did you call them? Slow, slobbery, skeptical.

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Butch: Team, huddle up.
Diggs: It's go time.
Catherine: Save the dogs, save the world.
Butch: First thing to do, get on top of that ride.
Seamus: Yes! Wait is there a height requirement for this ride?

Diggs: Alright team, we got work to do.
Butch: You're not going anywhere.
Diggs: What? Why not?
Butch: Because you don't have your new collar... Agent.
Seamus: Go ahead with you bad self, Bling.
Lou: You guys ready to do this?
Catherine: Work with a bunch of dogs again? How could I say no.
Seamus: Absolutely! Wait we're talking about lunch right?
Diggs: Alright team, Lets go kick some tail.

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David Sanders: I'm goin' down there, and you're gonna have to blow me up too.
Romer Treece: As you please, boy.

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Capt. Fairbourne: If you were a communist how could you be king?
Learoyd: Only a communist would think of it.

Capt. Fairbourne: Listen, you can no longer avoid history! I'm sorry. I've said that.
Learoyd: Shut up. History? The world's so full of crap, sooner or later, you're gonna step in it. You call that history?

Capt. Fairbourne: Do you trust me?
Learoyd: Yes... If I have a choice between the good or bad in the man, I choose to believe the good.
Capt. Fairbourne: The 'warrior king'.
Learoyd: No, YOU're the warrior. I'm just king.

Learoyd: I have a special relationship with the spirits. I died once. I had to. I had to give up everything, even the will to live.

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Peter Brackett: Where did you say you were from? Bitchville?

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