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Chief: That kid is gonna get us all put to sleep. Euthanized. We won't find the dog, but we will die trying.
Rex: Not a bad way to go.

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Daisy Kincaid: What's your aversion to proper grammar?
Brady Kincaid: Rhythm maybe.

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Scout Master Ward: Jiminy cricket, he flew the coop.

Scout Master Ward: He left me a letter of resignation. Over.

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Lionel Essrog: There's something going down, and it's big, and they were not happy about what he found.

Lionel Essrog: Tits on a Tuesday.

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Alan Isaacman: I'm not trying to convince you to like what Larry Flynt does. I don't like what Larry Flynt does.

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Ray Tierney: When we were kids, all we ever talked about was being cops.

Carlos Bragon: Be smart. They were protecting their own, and they were burying the truth.
Ray Tierney: Don't talk to me about the truth. You got no idea what it takes to do what we do.

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Hannibal Lecter: So, you'll be wanting lots of these little chinwags, I take it.
Will Graham: I might not have time.
Hannibal Lecter: I do. I have oodles.

Will Graham: I thought you might enjoy the challenge. See if you're smarter than the person I'm looking for.
Hannibal Lecter: Then by implication, you think you're smarter than I am, since it was you who caught me.
Will Graham: No. I know I'm not smarter than you.
Hannibal Lecter: Then how did you catch me?
Will Graham: You had...disadvantages.
Hannibal Lecter: What disadvantages?
Will Graham: You're insane.

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Stone: We're all God's co-workers.

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