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Old Ptolemy: In the end, I believe, Babylon was a far easier mistress to enter than to leave.

Old Ptolemy: We all felt there was more here than sexual bickery. Alexander wanted the truth, and Philotas' answers were lacking merit. Alexander put him, silently and quickly, to trial by his peers. And whether plotter or opportunist, Philotas was found guilty of treason. None of us defended Philotas, but then again, none of us ever liked him.

Old Ptolemy: Within hours we were fighting like Jackals for his corpse. The wars of the world had begun. Forty years, off and on, they endured, until we divided his empire in four parts. I think Alexander would have been disappointed in us.

Old Ptolemy: Alexander used to say that we are most alone when we are with the myths.

Old Ptolemy: All greatness comes from loss.

Old Ptolemy: It was said later that Alexander was never defeated in his lifetime, except by Hephaistion's thighs.

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Theodore Joadson: There remains one task undone. One vital task the Founding Father's left to their sons.
John Quincy Adams: Yeah?
Theodore Joadson: ...before their thirteen colonies could precisely be called United States. And that task, Sir, as you well know, is crushing slavery.

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Beowulf: How many monsters must I slay? Grendel's mother, father, Grende's uncle? Must I hack down a whole family tree of demons?
King Hrothgar: She is the last of them. Whith her gone, demonkind will slip back into the darkness from whence it came.
Wiglaf: And where it belongs.
Beowulf: And the mother's mate? Where is Grendel's father?
King Hrothgar: Grendel's father can do no harm to man.

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Charles Morse: We're all put to the test... but it never comes in the form or at the point we would prefer, does it?

Charles Morse: Today, I'm-a-gonna-kill the mutha fucka.

Charles Morse: What one man can do, another can do.

Charles Morse: You saved me.
Robert Green: Get over it, Charles - I just need you to navigate.
Charles Morse: You saved my life.
Robert Green: Well, I couldn't kill you with Stephen around. I'd have to kill him too, and he's the only one that knows how I like my coffee.
Charles Morse: Come on, you saved my life.
Robert Green: Buy me something nice when we get home.
Charles Morse: How'd you like your coffee?
Robert Green: Huh. I like my coffee like I like my women.
Stephen: Bitter and murky.

Charles Morse: I once read an interesting bit. Most people who die in the woods die of shame.

Reporter #1: Mr. Morse, what happened to your friends?
Reporter #2: How did they die?
Charles Morse: They died... saving my life.

Charles Morse: Never feel sorry for a man who owns a plane.

Charles Morse: Why is the rabbit unafraid?
Styles: 'Cause he's smarter than the panther.

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Ted Crawford: Knowledge is pain.

Lt. Robert Nunally: Your wife? Is she OK?
Ted Crawford: I don't think she is. I shot her.

Ted Crawford: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Ted Crawford: My dick has evidence.
Judge Robinson: Excuse me?
Ted Crawford: My dick... my private investigator. I call him Dick.

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