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Danny: Killing's easy. Living with it's the hard part.

Danny: What?
Davies: You show me a beautiful woman, I'll show you a bloke who's sick of her shit.
Danny: Shut up.
Davies: Roger that.

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Eddie: Oh, and if Tom or anyone else for that matter feels like givin' them a bit of a kickin', I'm sure it won't do any harm.
Soap: Yeah, little bit of pain never hurt anybody. If you know what I mean. Also, I think knives are a good idea. Big, fuck-off shiny ones. Ones that look like they could skin a crocodile. Knives are good, because they don't make any noise, and the less noise they make, the more likely we are to use them. Shit 'em right up. Makes it look like we're serious. Guns for show, knives for a pro.
Tom: Soap, is there something we should know about you?
Bacon: I'm not sure what's more worrying. The job or your past.

Tom: Jesus, Ed, we've got a traffic warden!
Bacon: I think he's still alive - he's got claret coming out of him somewhere. What did they want with a traffic warden?
Eddie: I don't know, but I don't think we need him! Knock him out and dump him at the lights!
Bacon: Knock him out? What'd ya mean, knock him out? Knock him out with what?
Eddie: I don't know! Use your imagination!
[Bacon weakly punches the Traffic Warden, who moans.]
Tom: Don't touch him up! Knock him out!
Bacon: I'll knock you out in a minute! Look, you want to knock him out? *You* knock him out.
Eddie: I fucking hate traffic wardens.
[Tom and Eddie join Bacon in the back and they all start beating up the traffic warden].

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Bateman: Life's too short to be pussy.

Bateman: I am sweating like a fucking rapist.

Bateman: I'm sweating like a rapist.

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Bateman: Personally, I'd much rather regret something I'd done rather than something I was too afraid to do.

Bateman: I'm sweating like a rapist.

Bateman: You know, they say the greatest conversation you'll ever have is with a stranger?
Syd: Who says that?
Bateman: Some useless cunt.

Bateman: I am sweating like a fucking rapist.

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Arthur Bishop: Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment.

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Arthur Bishop: Tell your principal it never pays to fuck with the dead.

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Jonas Taylor: You're going to tell me your story and I'm going to say no. You're going to offer me money and I'm going to say no. You're going to try to appeal to my better nature and I'm still going to say no because I don't have one.

Jonas Taylor: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Jonas Taylor: That thing's out there. We need to find it and kill it.
Jack Morris: Why don't you just put a tracker on it? Don't you guys ever watch Shark Week?

Jonas Taylor: Chew on this, you ugly bastard.

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Gabriel Yulaw: Thought you were gona kill me?
Evan Funsch: Just give me the chance, asshole.

Harry Roedecker: I know where you're from, I know what you've been through. But this place is different. Not everyone is a combatant. There are innocent people here, also. So if you get into the shit, you trust your heart... Not your head. Hmm?
Evan Funsch: Loud and clear, sir.

Gabriel Law: Who are you? What did you do to me!?
Evan Funsch: Not me. You. You've done this to yourself.

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