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Ordell Robbie: How'd you find me?
Max Cherry: Winston found you.
Ordell Robbie: How the fuck did he find me?
Max Cherry: That's what Winston does. He finds people who don't want to be found.
Ordell Robbie: Well bully for that ni**a.

Beaumont: Man, you must be out of your fuckin' mind if you think I'm gonna get in this dirty-ass trunk.
Ordell Robbie: We ain't going nowhere but to Koreatown, man. You ain't gonna be locked in here no more than ten minutes.
Beaumont: I ain't ridin' in no trunk for no minute, man.

Ordell Robbie: My ass may be dumb, but I ain't no dumbass.

Ordell Robbie: AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes.

Ordell Robbie: My money's in that office, right? If she start giving me some bullshit about it ain't there, and we got to go someplace else and get it, I'm gonna shoot you in the head then and there. Then I'm gonna shoot that bitch in the kneecaps, find out where my goddamn money is. She gonna tell me too. Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you, motherfucker. You listen: we go in there, and that ni**a Winston or anybody else is in there, you the first motherfucker to get shot. You understand?

Ordell Robbie: Somebody with a grudge blew Beaumont's brains out. Oh shit, that shit rhymes!"Blew Beau-mont's, brains out!"

Ordell Robbie: Now that there is the Tec-9, a crappy spray gun from South Miami. This gun is advertised as the most popular gun in American crime. Do you believe that shit? It actually says that in the little book that comes with it: the most popular gun in American crime. Like they're actually proud of that shit.

Max Cherry: Jackie wants to give it to you herself, she wants to collect her ten percent. She also wants to explain why she had to hang on to it.
Ordell Robbie: Oh, and I want to hear that shit.

Ordell Robbie: You can't trust Melanie but you can trust Melanie to be Melanie.

Beaumont: I just ain't getting in no goddamn, dirty-ass trunk man. I got a problem with small places.
Ordell Robbie: Well I got a problem with spending ten thousand dollars on ungrateful, peanut-head ni**as to get 'em out of jail, but I did it.

Ordell Robbie: Girl, don't make me put my foot in your ass.

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Preston Packard: We're soldiers, we do the dirty work so that families back home don't suffer! They shouldn't even know that a thing like this exists!
Mason Weaver: The world is bigger than this.
Preston Packard: Bitch, please.

Preston Packard: I know an enemy when I see one.

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Chris Mattson: Y'know what Abel? Fuck you.
Abel Turner: Is that a 'We Are the World' fuck you?
Chris Mattson: No. It's a special one. Just for you.

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John Clayton: Are you aware that you always seem not going to do something right before you do it?
George Washington Williams: Yeah? Well. That's only since I've been saddled with your company.

George Washington Williams: I'm still coming with you.
John Clayton: You can't keep up.
George Washington Williams: I might not be able to keep up with Tarzan, but I sure as hell can keep up with you.

George Washington Williams: Leopold has spent the last 7 years getting control of the Congo. He used up his entire fortune building that railroad of his, and shut off access to 99% of the country. Why? Because he wants to be the first monarch in history who doesn't want people to see his good deeds? I don't buy it.

George Washington Williams: You, are Tarzan. Lord of the apes, King of the jungle. "Me, Tarzan. You, Jane."

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Special Agent Derrick Vann: I'm gonna check the front of my car. If it smells like ass, I'm gonna beat you like a runaway slave.

Andy Fidler: I just think we should be cooperating if I'm going to be your partner.
Special Agent Derrick Vann: You are not my partner.
Andy Fidler: Really? Then what am I?
Special Agent Derrick Vann: You're my bitch. My own personal bitch. When I pull the strings, you dance. Till then, you sit there, keep your mouth shut, and don't say a word... like the puppet you are.

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