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Sgt. Nathan West: I do not care that you are triple volunteers. I do not care that you think you are hard. And I especially don't give a rat's fuck what 4-star general's dick you sucked to get the privilege of being able to stand before me today.

Sgt. Nathan West: So pretty. So dead.

Sgt. Nathan West: Those of you I find lacking will quit. And those of you who refuse to quit will have a training accident. This base suffers three training accidents a year. Unfortunate accidents that I will not hesitate to repeat if you cross me.

Sgt. Nathan West: I just transferred to Arlington Cemetery.
Hardy: Keep talking shit, and you're liable to make roll call.

Sgt. Nathan West: Tom, why did this woman have a weapon pointed at your head?
Hardy: This is Captain Osbourne, and she has had a long day.

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US President William Alan Moore: You've got to cock it motherfucker.

Navy Seal 1: Good to see you, Mr President. Are you all right?
US President William Alan Moore: Well, considering I've been betrayed today, hunted, locked in a freezer, ejected from the same plane twice... yeah, I'm doing quite well.

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Lazarus: I'm cookin' steaks fah dinnah. I expect you to stay.

Lazarus: I remember my first time, it was out behind my uncle's barn with my second cousin.
Lazarus: She was two tons if she weighed a pound, I could have done better for myself.

Lazarus: Collar your dog.

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Nick Fury: Looks like you're giving the orders now, Captain.
Steve Rogers: Damn right!

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Nick Fury: I know a renegade soldier when I see one. Never occurred to me that one might come from above.

Carol Danvers: Nicholas Joseph Fury. You have three names?
Nick Fury: Everybody calls me Fury. Not Nicholas, not Joseph, not Nick. Just Fury.
Carol Danvers: What does your mom call you?
Nick Fury: Fury.
Carol Danvers: What do you call her?
Nick Fury: Fury.
Carol Danvers: What about your kids?
Nick Fury: If I have them, they'll call me Fury.

Nick Fury: Coulson. New guy. Guess he doesn't hate me yet.

Nick Fury: You know anything about a lady blowing a hole through the roof of that Blockbuster over there? Witness says she was dressed for laser tag.

Nick Fury: So... you're not from around here.
Carol Danvers: It's hard to explain.

Carol Danvers: Did you have a rough day, Agent Fury?
Nick Fury: It was cool, you know? Had a space invasion, big car chase. Got to watch an alien autopsy. Typical 9-to-5.
Carol Danvers: So you saw one?
Nick Fury: I was never one to believe in aliens, but I can't unsee that.

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Carlyle: You hit me.
Doyle Gipson: I'll hit you again! You like it?

Doyle Gipson: Money. You... you think I want money? What I want is my morning back. I need you to give my time back to me. Can you give me back my time? Can you give my time back to me? Huh? Can you?

Sponsor: What happened in court today?
Doyle Gipson: I'm in a bar. What does that tell you?
Sponsor: It tells me that you're really angry. And that anger has gotten you into the one place in the world you shouldn't be.

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