Jennifer Jason Leigh

Quotes from Jennifer Jason Leigh movies and TV shows

Joan: God gave up on us, sweetheart, so I gave up on God.

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Dolores Claiborne: It was just a bad patch.
Selena St. George: I had a fucking nervous breakdown, mother.

Dolores Claiborne: You must have boyfriends. Beautiful girl like you, smart and out in the world... You tellin' me there's nobody?
Selena St. George: I'm telling you there's a lot of nobodies.

Selena St. George: That is the last guy in the world you want to make an enemy out of.
Dolores Claiborne: I ain't makin' one, I'm keepin' one.

Selena St. George: I don't know how to feel about what you did... maybe I never will, Mom. But I know, I know you did it for me.

Selena St. George: There is no Arizona.

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Linda Barrett: Did you hear that surfer guy pulled a knife on Mr. Hand?
Stacy Hamilton: No he didn't. He just called him a dick.
Linda Barrett: People exaggerate so much around here.

Stacy Hamilton: Linda, I finally figured it out. I don't want sex. Anyone can have sex.
Linda Barrett: Yeah, Stacy? What do you want?
Stacy Hamilton: I want a relationship. I want romance.
Linda Barrett: You want romance? In Ridgemont? We can't even get cable TV here, Stacy, and you want romance.

Stacy Hamilton: When a guy has an orgasm, how much comes out?
Linda Barrett: A quart or so.

Stacy Hamilton: Do you think guys find that more attractive?
Linda Barrett: Oh, Stacy, please. Give me a break! You are so much prettier than them.
Stacy Hamilton: Yeah, I know. But, I think they'd be better in bed.
Linda Barrett: What do you mean? Better in bed? Either you do it or you don't.
Stacy Hamilton: No. There are, like, variables that I might not be good at.
Linda Barrett: Like what variables?
Stacy Hamilton: Like, you know, giving blow jobs.

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Amy Archer: Finally there would be a thingamajig that would bring everyone together. Even if it kept them apart, spatially.

Amy Archer: This is a face only a mother could love. On pay day.

Amy Archer: The guy's a real moron.

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Pauline: I wanna get married once... just for my mom.

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Lady Bird Johnson: Do you know why I married you? I had other offers, but I chose you. Do you know why?
Lyndon B. Johnson: I have no earthly idea.
Lady Bird Johnson: Because you asked.

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Stevie: Are you okay?
Trevor Reznik: Don't I look okay?
Stevie: If you were any thinner, you wouldn't exist.

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Dorothy Parker: I'll wear my heart on my sleeve like a wet, red stain.

Dorothy Parker: But I can't understand what God is saying, because he's got a mask over his face. Isn't that just like Him?

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