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Miranda Sampson: Why so fast, Harper? You trying to impress me?
Lew Harper: You got a way of starting conversations that ends conversation.
Miranda Sampson: Why is your wife divorcing you?
Lew Harper: You got a way of starting conversations that ends conversation.

Miranda Sampson: What do you do this kind of crummy work for, anyway?
Lew Harper: What, are you trying to be funny? I do it because I believe in the United Nations and Southeast Asia, and - you think it's funny if your life depends on what goes through the Panama Canal? What about the English pound? I'll tell you something - as long as there's a Siberia, you'll find Lew Harper on the job.
Miranda Sampson: Are you putting me on?
Lew Harper: Jeez, I don't think so.

Sheriff: Who is this clown?
Albert Graves: He's a private detective working for us.
Lew Harper: Yeah, I used to be a sheriff 'til I passed my literacy test.

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John Russell: Hit something, Mendez, first the men, then the horses.
Henry Mendez: I don't know. Just to sit here and wait to kill them?
John Russell: If there was some other way, we'd do it.
Henry Mendez: Maybe we can keep going and try to outrun them.
John Russell: If you run, they're gonna catch you, they're gonna kill you. You believe that more than you believe anything.
Henry Mendez: All right.
John Russell: And try not to puke. You may have to lie in it for a long time.

Jessie: That soldier would have helped you and you know it.
John Russell: I didn't ask for any.
Jessie: He didn't even have a gun.
John Russell: That's his business he don't wanna carry one.
Jessie: It takes a lot to light a fire under you, doesn't it.
John Russell: If it's all right with you, lady, I just didn't feel like bleeding for him. And even if it isn't all right with you.

John Russell: I got one question. How you gonna get down that hill?

Audra Favor: I can't imagine eating a dog and not thinking anything of it.
John Russell: You even been hungry, lady? Not just ready for supper. Hungry enough so that your belly swells?
Audra Favor: I wouldn't care how hungry I got. I know I wouldn't eat one of those camp dogs.
John Russell: You'd eat it. You'd fight for the bones, too.
Audra Favor: Have you ever eaten a dog, Mr. Russell?
John Russell: Eaten one and lived like one.
Audra Favor: Dear me.

Jessie: And we got him a marble headstone. It had his name on it, and underneath, we had them put, "In the Fullness of His Years." Is that all right with you?
John Russell: I'll settle for that. I'm not on the slab.
Jessie: Well, what do you figure yours is going to read?
John Russell: "Shot Dead," probably.
Jessie: Don't people take to you, Mr. Russell?
John Russell: It only takes one who doesn't.

John Russell: The dead are dead. You ought to bury them.
Jessie: I'm sure that's good advice. Trouble is, Mr. Russell, I think you feel the same way about the living.

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Hud Bannon: Happens to everybody. Horses, dogs, men. Nobody gets out of life alive.

Lonnie Bannon: I wouldn't mind driving her the long way home.
Hud Bannon: You ought to take a crack at that. Get all the good you can out of seventeen 'cause it sure wears out in one hell of a hurry.

Lonnie Bannon: It's a lonely old night isn't it?
Hud Bannon: Ain't they all?

Lonnie Bannon: Probably you think I'm a jerk.
Hud Bannon: You don't care what I think.
Lonnie Bannon: This probably gonna hand you a big laugh, but I do.
Hud Bannon: You have another little drink and I'll have another little drink. Then maybe we can work up some real family feeling here.

Hud Bannon: You're half native already. I've never seen you in a pair of shoes since you have work here.
Alma Brown: I wore'em once. I think to get married in. White satin pumps. I don't have'em anymore or the man either.

Hud Bannon: I'll do anything to make you trade him.
Alma Brown: No thanks. I've done my time with one cold-blooded bastard, I'm not looking for another.
Hud Bannon: Too late, honey, you already found him.

Hud Bannon: The only question I ever ask any woman is "What time is your husband coming home?"

Hud Bannon: I'll remember you, honey. You're the one that got away.

Hud Bannon: You don't look out for yourself, the only helping hand you'll ever get is when they lower the box.

Hud Bannon: They're letting ladies in free tonight Alma, you just might qualify.

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Judge Roy Bean: The last time that bear ate a lawyer, he had the runs for thirty-three days.

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