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Phil Allen: A beauty is that, Shelley. A beauty.

Phil Allen: Detroit, 1982. World Styling Finals. We're running around shouting, "Foul," while the Yanks, whose combs mysteriously do not wilt, do not melt, just carry on styling. No prizes for guessing who took the medals that year.

Phil Allen: Just because summat's fixed don't mean you can't break it.

Phil Allen: Your highlights go green if you leave 'em in too long, love.
Sharon: How long's too long?
Phil Allen: 'Bout now.

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Lukas Hart III: Excuse me, I have to go pray.

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Jim Barrett: Why don't I like you?
Steven Spurrier: Because you think I'm an arsehole. And I'm not, really. I'm just British and, well... you're not.

Steven Spurrier: Great wine is great art, my friend. I am, in effect, a shepherd... whose mission is to offer the public another form of great art and to guide its appreciation thereof.
Maurice: Well, a shepherd... by definition, needs a flock. And a business, by necessity... needs customers.
Steven Spurrier: So, if I were to subscribe to that proviso would you be considered a customer?
Maurice: No. No, I would be considered... an enthusiastic... advocate.

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Dee Dee Ramone: Hilly! Sire Records. This is the contract.
Hilly Kristal: Congratulations.
Joey Ramone: You pissed?
Johnny Ramone: I'd be fucking pissed.
Dee Dee Ramone: You're always fucking pissed.
Hilly Kristal: Are you kidding me? I'm proud of you guys.
Joey Ramone: Can't believe we got signed. We suck.

Hilly Kristal: Where are you guys from?
Cheetah Chrome: Cleveland, sir.
Hilly Kristal: Well, I'm impressed with the youth of Cleveland.
Cheetah Chrome: You shouldn't be.
Hilly Kristal: Why not?
Cheetah Chrome: Lot of losers.

Johnny Blitz: Your dog is crappin' on the floor, sir.
Hilly Kristal: Yeah, he does that.
Michael Sticca: I piss in ice machines.

Lisa Kristal: I just don't get it. Why did you risk everything on the Dead Boys? Was it the auto-asphyxiation or the self-mutilation?
Hilly Kristal: They could have been a bellwether.
Lisa Kristal: That's debatable.

Hilly Kristal: What kind of music do you play?
Terry Ork: Ohmmmm... new music.

Judge: This is your second failed attempt to run a bar.
Hilly Kristal: A club.
Judge: Divorced and two bankruptcies. Perhaps you should try something else.

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Hans Gruber: And what idiot put you in charge?
Holly Gennero: You did. When you murdered my boss.

Hans Gruber: "Now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho."

Hans Gruber: Mr. Mystery Guest? Are you still there?
John McClane: Yeah, I'm still here. Unless you wanna open the front door for me.
Hans Gruber: Uh, no, I'm afraid not. But, you have me at a loss. You know my name but who are you? Just another American who saw too many movies as a child? Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's John Wayne? Rambo? Marshal Dillon?
John McClane: Was always kinda partial to Roy Rogers actually. I really like those sequined shirts.

Hans Gruber: This time John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace Kelly.
John McClane: That was Gary Cooper, asshole.

Joseph Takagi: You want money? What kind of terrorists are you?
Hans Gruber: Who said we were terrorists?

John McClane: So that's is what this is about, Hans? A fucking robbery?
Hans Gruber: Put down the gun.
John McClane: Why'd you have to nuke the whole building, Hans?
Hans Gruber: Well, when you steal $600, you can just disappear. When you steal 600 million, they will find you, unless they think you're already dead.

Hans Gruber: When they touch down, we'll blow the roof, they'll spend a month sifting through rubble, and by the time they figure out what went wrong, we'll be sitting on a beach, earning twenty percent.

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