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John Clasky: They should name a gender after you.
John Clasky: Looking at you doesn't do it, staring is the only way that makes sense.
John Clasky: And trying not to blink so you don't miss anything.
John Clasky: And all of that and you're you.
John Clasky: It's just that you are drop dead crazy gorgeous.
John Clasky: So much so, that I'm actually considering looking at you again before we finish up here.

John Clasky: Wait don't go! Would you be willing to hang out with me for a while?
Flor Moreno: You want to hang out with me?
John Clasky: Yes.
Flor Moreno: Then I have to ask you.
John Clasky: What?
Flor Moreno: What does "hang out" mean?

John Clasky: Worrying about your kids is sanity, and being that sane... can drive you nuts.

Deborah Clasky: How are you nicer than me?
John Clasky: You didn't set the bar that high.

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Donny: Look at you guys. You've got your faces covered in leprechaun shit. We should be getting whacked off, all of us, as a fucking team.

Donny: Do you have any AXE body spray?
Todd: No, Donny. I don't have any AXE body spray because I'm not a fucking douchebag.
Donny: That's a douchebag thing? When did that become a douchebag thing?

Donny: Your mother was a math teacher and I was pretty much a whiz kid myself.
Todd: The ability to make a bong out of a Taco Bell cup does not make you a whiz kid, Donny.

Phil: Hey look, this might seem weird, but do you think you would ever.
Donny: Bone your wife? Yeah, I mean I'd love to. She's a hot little number.
Phil: Well, you know, I was just gonna ask you for an autograph.
Donny: Oh, oh, I'm sorry! On her tits, or...?

Donny: Mrs. Ravensdale, you wanna whip them knockers out? We'd love to see them.
Mrs. Ravensdale: All right, you know what? You are an imbecilic, immature, asinine, childish, cave man-like, hairy knuckled, single chromosomal, obnoxious, uneducated, ignorant asshole who I would like to fuck hard and long.
Donny: So I'm going to go put a dent in that.

Donny: That's my boy.

Bridesmaid: So you actually knew Todd's father?
Donny: Of course I knew the guy. He was handsome, he had fuckin' great hair, uh, a Jedi with the chicks. Went down on girls for a wicked long time 'cause he was a giver and he wanted to see others be happy.
Helen: Oh, I wish I could have met him.

Donny: Chad, you're United States Marine USC, you're a disgrace to that uniform.
Jamie: He's not a Marine! He just buys his clothes on eBay so that Dad doesn't find out he's a modern jazz dancer.
Donny: What? That's possibly worse than the incest thing.

Todd: You know what I do remember? You making me drive you home from the beach 'cause you got too drunk.
Donny: It makes sense to me. When somebody's hammered, they have another guy drive home.
Todd: I was eight.

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Bobby Boucher: Now that's what I call high quality H2O.

Bobby Boucher: Look who's on TV, Mama... it's the devil.

Bobby Boucher: So that's what opening up a can of whoop-ass feels like.
Coach Klein: Son, you just opened up a whole case of whoop-ass.

Bobby Boucher: My Mama says that alligators are ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.

Guy Grenouille: Nice going, shithead. You lost us the football game.
Bobby Boucher: Sorry. Will you please still be my friend?
Guy Grenouille: No, get away from me.

Bobby Boucher: Nice hit, Mama.
Mama Boucher: Thanks, baby. Now you go on and have some fun becomin' a man.

Mama Boucher: Bobby, deh ever catch dat gorilla that busted outa da zoo and punched you in da eye?
Bobby Boucher: No Mama, the search continues.

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